The view from my window

April 25, 2010 in Postcards


It’s not hard to wake up smiling with a view like this. Certainly, there are better views in the city: perhaps one that looks out over the Mediterranean, or an open plaza in Old Nice. However, this is a dramatic improvement over the tiny courtyard in my Silicon Valley apartment. I love not having a screen on my window: I can lean outside and look whichever way I please and let a pleasant breeze flow through my room. The bright turquoise volets (traditional shutters) are fabulous as well: I can leave them open for plenty of sunshine or close them to make my room almost completely dark when I want a nap.

  • LostInCheeseland

    What a gorgeous view!

  • magicant

    Looks great, settling in well already! Ocean views are beautiful, but when I'm traveling and it's what I look out at every day, I actually prefer seeing hustle, bustle and everyday life.

  • kirstenalana

    What a view!!!! That would be a fabulous thing to wake up to indeed!!

  • camorose

    Thanks- I love it!

  • camorose

    Thanks- I love it!

  • camorose

    So true! I love just being able to look out my window and watch all the people go by–way more entertaining than the ocean!

  • camorose

    Thanks–I got very lucky indeed!

  • Found your site and love your first blog about your trip to Nice. Can't wait to see more pics and read more.. Salut!

  • Jay and Katie

    Uncle Jay wishes he was there!!! Have fun for him too and have a baguette for him tomorrow for breakfast!!!

  • RexFlo

    When I stick my head out the window in my room all I see is the window across the way, bird poop and cigarette butts. You have the life, my friend. How's the old lady you're living with? Eat anything exceptional lately?
    The adventure has begun!

  • camorose

    Merci- so glad that you're enjoying it! There will definitely be plenty of pics and stories in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to check back πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    I've been eating plenty of baguettes and cheese–don't worry!

  • camorose

    The old lady is great and I tried endives, and decided I didn't like them much. Will be posting a full update Monday morning PST, so check back. Hope all is well in SF;

  • Oh the open windows looking down at a city. C'est vachement chouette :)! Thank you for sharing! I bet you can see the city wake up with your cafe au lait ou du the ;)!

  • camorose

    Yes, I love watching the restaurant across the way as they set up in the morning, get busy around lunch and dinner time, and then close up at night! It's fabulous watching the world go by πŸ™‚

  • Ohhhh. So dreamy!

  • I'm so jealous! That's it, I'm coming to Nice again! πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    I'll play tour guide! πŸ™‚

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