The seeing comes before the writing

I always seem to be going on “my last big trip.” Nice was supposed to be six months of French and fun. Australia was a chance for international work experience. And then, well, Southeast Asia was so close and cheap that I couldn’t pass it up. My parents have deemed this my “gap summer,’ a […]

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Work to live or live to work?

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There’s just one bit of American-ness that I can’t seem to shake: being a workaholic. Despite living in a country with a 35-hour work week and a minimum of one month of vacation a year, I can’t bring myself to say no to additional work (and money in the bank). Within a week of arriving […]

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What makes you a writer?

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Even since I was a little girl with my nose stuck in a book, I’ve wanted to be a writer. And I keep saying that I “want” to be a writer, even though I write every day. I write blog posts, tweets, letters. I write about the things that inspire me, that put a smile […]

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