Get Quiet: a yoga and meditation retreat in the snow

36 hours. 15 new friends. Six vegetarian meals. Four yoga classes. Three meditation sessions. One day of silence. No iPhone or computer. However, it’s impossible to quantify the pure amount of calm and relaxation after a weekend retreat in the Berkshires with Aly, my former college roommate and one of my best friends. Led by Julianna, […]

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Postcard from the Berkshires in the snow

I’m a child of California: while I’ve certainly seen snow before, the prospect of a blizzard is still enough to make me giddy. However, snow in New York City is more of a black slushy nightmare: public transportation hold-ups, slippery sidewalks, biting cold to endure. So I was ecstatic to spend Snowstorm Nemo out of […]

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Why I love Paris in January

Now that January has hit New York City, I’m having pangs of Paris envy: my mom and I took advantage of cheap airline tickets and spent 10 days in Paris on my long winter break when I was in college a few times. They were my favorite mother-daughter trips: we ate well and shopped well, […]

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