San Francisco

Postcard from the streets of San Francisco

Wandering in San Francisco on a sunny Friday morning, I stumbled over a Banksy in Chinatown. My day was officially made, and I was reminded of how vivid and joyful the multi-cultural San Francisco streets can be. I’m not usually a huge fan of protecting street art, Banksy or otherwise: the constant evolving of a […]

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Is my heart in San Francisco?

I’ve seen the San Francisco skyline come into view while crossing the Bay Bridge countless times: as a kid, I loved watching for the Alcatraz spotlight and trying to spot the office building where my grandfather worked. Now, I gaze at the city built on seven hills and wonder why I can’t be happy living in […]

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Catch you later, California

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For the next 24 hours or so, I’ll be inching my way closer to Nice, France (via Chicago and Frankfurt). I can’t wait to write (and share photos!) when I finally arrive–but keep an eye on my Twitter for updates from the road. Or airport. Whatever. Also, I would like to sincerely thank the Iceland […]

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