San Blas Islands

Postcard from San Blas Islands

Palm trees, sandy beaches, complete and utter serenity: that’s what the San Blas Islands are made of. The vast majority of islands in the Caribbean archipelago are uninhabited, making them the perfect destination for a rowdy sailboat with plenty of booze and boys. Sailing the San Blas Islands was an incredible experience: one of the first […]

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Sailing the San Blas Islands with the Black Dragonfly

It’s hard to find the most appropriate superlative to describe the five  days I spent sailing from Panama City, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia through the San Blas Islands. It was one of the most fantastic weeks of my life: incredibly relaxing, surrounded by beauty and far too much fun. The San Blas Islands is an […]

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First impressions of South America

I’m not sure how to define the exact location: I spent a few days in Panama City in Central America, sailed through the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean and then ended up in Cartagena in South America for a couple of nights. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to refer to the whole […]

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