Logistics: a place to stay in Corsica

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When my friend and I spontaneously booked our trip to the Île de Beauté, lured by rock-bottom ferry prices, we quickly skimmed the Corsica chapter in my budget guidebook. It said something along the lines of “the only budget option in Corsica is camping.” Still on the high that comes from plunking down your credit […]

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Tastes of Corsica

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Corsica certainly isn’t a foodie destination, and it’s not known for haute cuisine. However, freshness and quality reign supreme on the island, and good food isn’t hard to find. Wild boar: I ordered sanglier because I knew it was a Corsican specialty and I was curious about it. I didn’t really expect to like it—I […]

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Logistics: the ferry from Nice to Corsica

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What encourages spontaneity more than rock-bottom prices? When conversation turned to Corsica, the only option for how to get there (in our minds) was Corsica Ferries. We’d watched the big yellow and blue boats, emblazoned with the Corsican national symbol, coming and going from the Nice port every day. And we were shocked when we […]

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Snapshots of the island of beauty

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I still can’t stop raving about Corsica. Maybe it’s because I’m back to uncomfortable, rocky beaches and a heavy humidity that rivals visiting my grandparents in Florida. The fact that I worked all weekend–and had to act as a police translator when someone tried to steal a laptop from the pub!–certainly is contributing to my […]

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Corsica: France’s best-kept secret

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I’m torn between jumping from the hillside and shouting about the amazingness that is the island of Corsica, and selfishly keeping this gem for myself and the rest of the French-speaking world. However, I’ve never been good at keeping secrets and I can still barely contain my excitement about this island of beauty. Before I […]

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