Fall vegetarian ziti: recipe!

Even though New York City is the land of Seamless delivery and unlimited restaurant options, I still prefer to cook the majority of my meals at home. It’s partly to save money and partly to be healthier, but I think it’s mostly because I grew up in a house where eating out was reserved for […]

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Anzac spirit, unity and biscuits

Australia and New Zealand often tend to be lumped together in the upper hemisphere’s mind: those two beautiful countries down under that rarely make the world news. They don’t start wars, they don’t have massive protests or reforms; basically, they don’t get into trouble. I woke up bright and early on Anzac Day to attend […]

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Zucchini flowers aren’t just for decoration

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I remember being confused by all the bright yellow zucchini flowers on the market stands when I arrived in Nice. My family had a few zucchini harvests in our suburban garden, but as far as I could remember, we chucked the flowers and sauteed the slices. I was intrigued when I saw fleurs de courgettes […]

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Homemade raspberry jam, all year long

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I do not come from a family of jam-makers. For me, jam is a souvenir: I buy pineapple or passionfruit jam in tiny shops in Maui upcountry, or fresh apple butter after a trip to Apple Hill. I’m intrigued by the homemade labels and unexpected fruit combinations at farmers’ markets, and can rarely resist buying […]

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Eggplants should be barbecued, not fried

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Many Americans’ knowledge of eggplant limited to when it’s fried beyond recognition, covered in tomato sauce and accompanied by a heap of spaghetti. For me, at least, eggplant parmigiana was the only way I ate eggplant for a really, really long time. However, eggplant is a staple in Provencal and Nicoise cooking. You can certainly […]

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Practice makes perfect in the kitchen

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My grandma is the cute old lady who always has cookies–for her granddaughters (obviously), for the kids next door, for the people who work at the bank. Whenever you go to her house, chocolate chip cookies and pizzelles will be there, without fail. If you’re lucky, there will be nut quiches or rolled almond cookies […]

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Clafoutis: the perfect five-ingredient dessert

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Little-known fact: I had a brief stint as an au pair in a tiny village west of Paris when I was 18. However, it only took me about two weeks to realize that I’m not cut out for the countryside or crying children. The only upside to country living? A backyard full of cherry trees […]

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