Tastes of Spain: the good, the bland and the churros

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I realized something when I arrived in Spain: you rarely hear about Spanish food. Wherever you go in the world, you can find Italian pizzerias and Japanese sushi bars. French haute cuisine is revered. Turkish kebabs, Chinese takeout and Indian curries are the best budget options. But Spanish food? Who eats Spanish food outside of […]

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Barcelona off the beaten path

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There are plenty of historical (read: tourist) sites in Barcelona, but the real character of the city shines through when you step off the beaten path. To see the main sites, take a tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours. While Barcelona certainly isn’t the most bike-friendly city, these four-hour tours are a great way to […]

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The European soccer experience

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Despite playing soccer competitively for years and becoming full-out obsessed with game times whenever the World Cup rolls around, I’d never attended a professional soccer game. My professional sports world is dominated by summer afternoons at San Francisco Giants games, late winter nights at Sacramento Kings games and the occasional tailgate at a San Francisco […]

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Things not to do in Barcelona

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Laying on the beach and drinking sangria aside, I think my favorite activity in Barcelona is deciphering the graphic signs that dot the city. Some state the obvious: don’t break public property. Others bring up the not-so-obvious: how many people are releasing caged birds in the park? The rest make you wonder what the heck […]

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Buenos días, Barcelona y Valencia!

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While studying in Paris a few summers ago, I fell in love with Barcelona. First, I watched L’Auberge Espagnole, a film that follows the adventures of a French graduate student living in Barcelona. Shots of white sandy beaches and incredible architecture left a sizable, Spain-shaped imprint on my mind. Second, I befriended a group of […]

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