Corsica: France’s best-kept secret

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I’m torn between jumping from the hillside and shouting about the amazingness that is the island of Corsica, and selfishly keeping this gem for myself and the rest of the French-speaking world. However, I’ve never been good at keeping secrets and I can still barely contain my excitement about this island of beauty. Before I […]

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Logistics: a place to stay in Paris

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Rarely will I admit to being a spoiled only child, but there’s one thing that I did always take for granted: perfect Paris accommodations. Other than a monthlong stint in a dorm in the Thirteenth while studying at Alliance Française, Paris has generally been a mother-daughter shopping destination. Since my parents aren’t on a backpackers’ […]

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A bet on love in the city of romance

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I’m a sucker for black-and-white pictures of Paris and wedding photos. I can look at either one for hours, daydreaming of rendezvous in the most romantic city in the world and pretending that Taylor Swift songs really do come true. So when I saw a publicité for Paris D’Amour, a photography exhibit being held at […]

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Logistics: the rails between Paris and Nice

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Wondering how to turn your visit to the City of Lights into a day at the beach? Nice and the sunny shores of the French Riviera aren’t as far as you think, thanks to the glorious European rail system. Plane, train or automobile? That was the debate for how to get to Paris from Nice. […]

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I left my heart in Paris

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Walking out of the Gare de Lyon, I immediately felt like the country bumpkin in the big city. I certainly wasn’t in Nice anymore. The neutral urbanness of the city–despite its beauty–was a drastic change from the vibrant colors that usually surround me. My days consisted of walking: walking to find a restaurant that I […]

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Celebrate the start of summer with a song!

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Fête de la Musique is hands-down one of my favorite holidays in France. The concept is simple: take advantage of the longest day of the year with an open-air music festival. Amateur and professional musicians are encouraged to play in the streets, while a number of concerts are also organized by cities across France. While […]

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Today, Nice parties for France

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150 years ago, Nice chose France. Well, at least that’s what all the posters say–but really, the territory that has switched hands between Italy and France countless times in its history was ceded to France as a territorial reward for French assistance in the Second Italian War of Independence against Austria. Regardless of the shady […]

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