Food and wine envy: Paris edition

As I read through the responses to my query as to people’s favorite places in Paris, I wondered how I would answer the question myself. The Marais is my preferred neighborhood and the Jardin du Luxembourg is my go-to spot on a sunny day; I have amazing memories under the Eiffel Tower and I’d rather […]

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Paris, Paris: the city I love

Paris envy. I coined the term while working for a Paris food writer in Nice: Rosa Jackson zipped up to the French capital at least once a month to stay current on food and restaurant trends. Whenever she mentioned an upcoming trip or described her latest foodie find, I would moan about missing out. My […]

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Postcard from Lyon Hôtel de Ville

I stumbled across these gems on a cloudy day in Lyon, and they were an instant burst of unexpected joy. I have no idea why they were there, or how the creator figured out how to create tropical creatures out of twigs, but I got a kick of them. Enjoy.

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Postcard from Grasse

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Happy Chinese New Year! In addition to wishing peace and happiness to you and yours, I’d also like to take advantage of this day of renewal to announce a new component to the Postcard From series. Since Sunday is now a day to Share the Love, Thursdays will now feature my favorite photos from a […]

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The art of dining in France

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While working as a waitress in Nice, we once had a huge lunch rush, resulting in a longer wait time for main courses than normal. (The Snug only has one chef in a teeny-tiny kitchen!) One of the tables was a group of young French professionals, who were a bit frustrated at the wait—they had […]

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Why the French don’t celebrate Thanksgiving

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For starters, the food isn’t anything worth being thankful for. Cranberry sauce out of can–either whole or jellied–just wouldn’t cut it next to fresh confiture. Oven-warmed rolls don’t stand a chance against a baguette, fresh from the boulangère. And why, mon Dieu, would you ruin good sweet potatoes with a load of brown sugar and […]

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Lyon: more than just a place setting

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Not many countries can boast a gastronomic capital. But this is France, and food is never taken lightly. Lyon, an industrial city along the Rhone, is known best for its nurturing of haute cuisine and its pork-filled bouchons. While the restaurants are certainly the highlight of the city, Lyon has far more to offer than […]

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