A stylish year in one suitcase

The suitcase that my life is packed in is recommended for trips of five to eight days. I’m going to make it work for an indeterminate amount of time: perhaps six months, perhaps more than a year. Boys, believe me, I’m jealous. If I could wear a T-shirt and flip-flops every day, whether sightseeing or […]

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How do your things define you?

Before leaving for Australia, I sold the car that I bought when I turned 16: the one that I drove back and forth to high school lacrosse practice and my first job, as I moved a few hours away to college, halfway across the country for a newspaper internship in Colorado, to my first real […]

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Staying in shape while traveling

Vacation is usually an excuse to relax and indulge; workouts and diets are best kept at home. But when travel becomes a lifestyle, it’s important to learn how to stay healthy and fit without the reliable comfort of a kitchen or a gym. Hostels rarely have fitness centers, so I’ve found that my on-the-road workouts […]

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Share the Buzios Love

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Today’s photo was contributed by Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures. She was in Buzios with her then-boyfriend on a romantic getaway.  Later that night he actually proposed to her!  So, not only was it the most magnificent sunset she’s ever seen, it was also the most magnificent night she’s ever experienced! If you’re interested […]

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What Greek life taught me about traveling

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  The university Greek system: it’s a polarizing subject. Some rave about the friendships, the fun and the future networking. Others complain about paying for fake friends and wasting time and money. I’m a proud Alpha Delta Pi. After my third knee surgery, I quit the lacrosse team and decided to try out Greek life–and despite […]

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Planning ahead for stress-free travel

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“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Not the most upbeat travel quote, right? But it’s true. It might not be as fun or carefree as just throwing your belongings into a bag and just going, but making responsible decisions before you leave will make travel a lot less stressful and that much more […]

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Songs that inspire me to travel

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My iPod is an eclectic mix, full of new country, hip-hop hits and indie sensations. Even though I enjoy putting the headphones away and soaking up another aspect of a culture through its sounds, I couldn’t live without a constant stream of familiar music as I watch the countryside speed by in the train or […]

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