Poppy Barley: the best boots I’ve ever owned

Growing up in California, I never really learned the value of good boots or a warm jacket. I spent the winter in flats and sneakers, in cozy sweaters and light jackets–moving between warm cars and warm houses and warm offices, with only brief interludes in slightly chilly weather. What I would do for 60-degree days […]

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Cuyana: Fewer, better gifts

I’ve never exactly been a minimalist, but if traveling long term taught me anything: it’s that everything you carry better be worth it. When you carry your life on your back, there’s no room for superfluousness. Even though I now have a fixed life with a bedroom closet and a hall closet and under-the-bed storage and […]

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100% natural beauty: Herbivore Botanicals

One of the best things about yoga teacher training (even though I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough at the time) was that it was such a fantastic forced container for healthy habits. When you’re practicing yoga for eight hours a day twice a week, taking three to four yoga classes a week and spending at […]

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