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Christine Amorose of C'est Christine in New York City

Bonjour! My name is Christine. C’est Christine is where I share the places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve had, the photos I love and the things I struggle with.

I grew up just outside of Sacramento, California’s cow-town capital; once a farming community, Elk Grove is now a flatland of strip malls, parking lots, cookie-cutter houses. I studied journalism, played lacrosse and was a proud Alpha Delta Pi at California State University, Chico.

I’ve worked in high-tech PR and social media in Silicon Valley, was a cooking class assistant in the French Riviera, coordinated the marketing for a Scandinavian furniture company in Australia, backpacked solo through EuropeAustralia and Southeast Asia, and spent five years living and working in New York City.

I recently moved to San Diego and work in ad sales at Gimlet Media.

My twenty-something goals include a road trip across the USAskydiving over the Great Barrier Reef and celebrating every birthday in a new country (so far: 21 in Las Vegas, 22 in France, 23 in Australia, 24 in Croatia, 25 in Iceland, 26 in Turkey, 27 in Curacao, 28 in Aruba and 29 in Denmark!). I like sunrises even more than I like sunsets. I love a library and a coffee shop. I believe in gratitude journals, morning meditation and sending hand-written thank you notes. A good cure for a bad day is a sweaty workout and a long, hot shower; the best cure is a swim in the ocean.

A few years ago, a fortune cookie told me You have a charming way with words. I tucked the fortune into my wallet, and carried it around with me as I traveled, wrote, took photos. A friend noticed it last summer, noting what an apt description it was. And so, I hope you find these words not just charming, but compelling.

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Christine Amorose of C'est Christine in New York City

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*Katelyn is my high school best friend who has faithfully read every post on this site, and often acts as an editor/proofreader/idea-bouncer

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