Of the moment // 11.17.17

Of the moment // 11.17.17

One of the reasons why I blog is simply to have the space to write: getting things “on paper” helps me to process my feelings and organize my thoughts. I also love having a record of my life over the past few years: a place that holds all of my stories, my photos, the ups and downs of travel. But sometimes, I also just want to remember and share the little things that brought me day-to-day joy. Every Friday, I’ll give you a peek into the book I currently can’t put down, a great restaurant discovery, a fun new product or an inspiring quote: a few things that I think you might enjoy before we all take off into the glory that is the weekend! Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California

Although we’ve lived in San Diego for almost five months (!), I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to offer here–especially when it comes to beaches, hiking trails and adorable neighborhoods. We’ve found some favorite spots–Communal Coffee, Underbelly, Coronado Beach–but we’re trying to regularly go a little bit out of our comfort zone. A recent find: Sunset Cliffs, a beautiful easy hiking trail and surf spot. Next on the list: exploring more of the nearby Point Loma neighborhood and Liberty Station!

Vintage VW Van at Sunset Cliffs, California


When I wrote about my favorite podcasts last month, I got so many great recommendations in the comments! Although not all of them have resonated with me, one that I am enjoying is Dear Sugars. It’s basically a beautifully-worded audio advice column, starring Cheryl Strayed and friends. I loved Tiny Beautiful Things, and this is a new chapter of that every week.

Acai bowl from Northside Shack in Point Loma, California Acai bowl from Northside Shack in Point Loma, California


Discovered the most delicious (and best value) acai bowl in all of San Diego at Northside Shack. The small is $9 (it’s actually huge) and it’s overflowing with toppings. The $9 includes an acai base AND banana, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, sliced black grapes, pineapple, mango, kiwi AND hemp granola, crushed raw almonds, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut shreds. It’s insane! The perfect breakfast provisions before heading out to take in the view at Sunset Cliffs.

You and Yours Distillery in San Diego, CaliforniaYou and Yours Distillery in San Diego, California


OK, I’ve discovered my new favorite bar in all of San Diego: You & Yours Distillery! It’s a (rare) female-led urban distillery, and the downtown tasting room is absolutely gorgeous. It’s only vodka or gin (all made in-house), but all of the cocktails are expertly crafted. I especially loved the Side Salad: vodka, green pepper, basil, lime, honey, sea salt and infused olive oil. Next on my list to try: the Little Bunny Foo Foo with gin, turmeric and carrot juice!

Gertie the Pug and Olive the Frenchie


“We never stop reading, although every book comes to an end, just as we never stop living, although death is certain.” -Roberto Bolano

We’re flying to Maui today! I’m stoked for a week of surfing, sunbathing and eating all of the shave ice. It’s a totally unsponsored trip (big mahalo to my parents for letting us use their timeshare!), and I’m going to take next week off blogging to properly relax. Will be back with new posts the week after Thanksgiving! 

  • Briel79

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

    I’ve been listening to Dear Sugar for years. Cheryl and Steve do a great job!

  • you’re making me want to go back to san diego right this moment!!! i’ve only been a couple of times and it is so beyond beautiful! i’m addicted to podcasts, but somehow have never heard of dear sugars even though i loved her book! will have to listen. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Liza in Ann Arbor

    Hey I just learned of Dear Sugar yesterday from another instagrammer I follow. Now I’m definitely going to have to try that one (need more hours in the day for all the podcasts I listen to know #obsessed!)

  • Love sunset cliffs!! So glad you’re enjoying San Diego, still a place I miss on a regular basis. 🙂

  • Caroline Eubanks

    I also love Dear Sugars. It’s a nice break from the heavy true crime stuff.

  • camorose

    Yes! They’re both so beautifully articulate–I’m envious!

  • camorose

    Yes! Hope you enjoy Dear Sugars, and you’ve got to get back to San Diego–it’s fantastic!

  • camorose

    Yes! It’s a really nice podcast to listen to while driving 🙂

  • camorose

    Yes! Such a beautiful place!

  • camorose

    Haha yes same–I basically listen to true crime an d politics, so it’s definitely a needed break!

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