Our upcoming travel plans

Our upcoming travel plans

Now that we’re getting settled into life in San Diego, I’ve started thinking about my favorite thing: where to travel next! I honestly would have already booked a million trips by now, but David requested that we take some time to get settled into life in San Diego and focus on exploring our new home–which is a very fair request.

Palm trees in San Diego

So although I have a list of spots in San Diego to check out and I’m trying to leave plenty of unscheduled weekends here for relaxing (as well as spontaneous local adventures), we’re also getting a few fun trips on the books for the rest of 2017. Here’s a little bit of what’s coming up before the end of the year:

Napa Valley

We’re heading up to Napa Valley primarily for a friend’s wedding, but we’re throwing in a bunch of fun things! We’re going to stop in Sacramento for my high school’s annual wine and food tasting event (that basically functions like a high school reunion for all years, complete with unlimited booze). And then we’re going to head over to Napa Valley: I’ve actually never been wine tasting in Napa before, despite growing up just a few hours away. I’m hoping to squeeze in some touristy things, along with catching up with friends and celebrating the couple. I’m especially excited because we’re partnering with Chevrolet, and roadtripping up (and back down) in an Equinox: it looks so comfortable and luxe!


Denver was one of the cities that we strongly considered when we were deciding where to move next–and it was the only one that we didn’t actually visit. I spent a good amount of time in Denver when I interned at newspaper in Colorado Springs one summer, but David has never visited. We have a few sets of friends living out there now, so I’m excited to catch up and have them show us their favorite spots. Our basic itinerary: hike somewhere beautiful, drink all the craft beer. We also magically and unintentionally timed it to be there for PEAK FOLIAGE–second only to peak bloom in my book!

Santa Barbara

I haven’t been to Santa Barbara since a college lacrosse game when I was 18–which barely counts–and I’ve been dying to visit what’s often called the American Riviera. Still working out some of the details, but I’m planning on taking the train up along the Pacific Coast and combining all of the gorgeous beach hikes with the urban wine trail that goes through the heart of the city.

Baja Mexico

Our apartment in San Diego is only 20 minutes from the Mexican border, and a bunch of our friends here recommend doing day or weekend trips to Baja. We’ve heard great things about the craft beer scene in Tijuana, wine tasting in Baja California, fish tacos in Ensenada and the overall chill vibes and great surfing in the little beach towns up and down the coast. We don’t have anything official booked yet, but I’ve been stalking Airbnb for cute beach bungalow options and working on getting Gert her pug passport!


Oh man, I’m so excited for this one! My family and I went to Maui for Thanksgiving or Christmas a few times when I was in high school and college, and as soon as we knew we were moving back to the West Coast, I asked my parents if we could use their timeshare in Kihei for Thanksgiving (spoiler alert: they said yes). This will be my first time in Hawaii as a “grown-up” and my first time in Maui without my parents. I’m looking forward to going back to some of our favorite spots in Wailea and Lahaina and eating all the shave ice, and also going on some new adventures–considering the Road to Hana! The one big thing we have to figure out: who is going to take care of Gert over Thanksgiving?! [Accepting So Cal applications now, ha!]

New York City

Before we even moved out of our Brooklyn apartment, I insisted on buying tickets back to New York City: I knew I would miss it less knowing that we’d be back. We’re heading back for just over two weeks over Christmas and New Year’s Eve! I’m especially looking forward to reuniting with family and friends, but I’m also already daydreaming about snowy morning walks in Central Park, wandering through West Village and eating as many bagels as I can handle.

Where are you headed this fall and winter? Any tips on any of the places we’re visiting? 

  • So many awesome adventures awaiting you! Can’t wait to read all about them.

  • Becky

    I’m usually just a lurker here, but when I saw you mention Maui I HAD to say yes, do the Road to Hana! My husband and I just went to Maui a couple months ago and that was one of our must-do’s. It was a beautiful drive, but it’s definitely an all-day thing. We stayed on Ka’anapali Beach and it ended up taking us about 10 hours round-trip with all the stops. We also drove past Hana to Haleakala National Park to see the pools of Ohe’o, which was definitely worth it, but the road does get super narrow the closer you get to the park. My husband was not a fan of the drive haha but if we ever go back I would absolutely do it again.

  • Shireen

    So many awesome travel plans!! This is all for the rest of 2017?? Dang! I’d love to know about your ride in the Equinox – was actually looking at those! I’d recommend bringing your bicycles if you can to Napa! It’s so fun to bike winery to winery. Have a blast!

  • Isabel

    Star Noodle for dinner (make reservation) & Gazebo for breakfast (get there early!) are musts!

  • Isabel

    Oops forgot to mention recs below are for Maui 🙂

  • I have always wanted to visit Denver but have only made it to Colorado Springs. Make sure you write a post about it so I can feel jealous!

  • Diana Maria

    New York sounds like so much fun it’s on the top of my list as well! You have so many great places on your list, I hope you get to visit all of these you’ll have a wonderful time xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • gracesface

    Just got back from a friend’s wedding on the Oregon coast and visiting my inlaws who live in Oregon also. Absolutely gorgeous (they got married at a lighthouse; I felt very lucky to be a bridesmaid!). Next up is finally planning the fall honeymoon we’ve been talking about since forever – either Boulder or LA!

  • camorose

    Thank you! I’m excited too!

  • camorose

    Ohhh excellent! I haven’t had a huge desire to do the Road to Hana but so many people speak so highly of it, I feel like we might have to check it out!

  • camorose

    Thanks lady! Will give a full report on the Equinox shortly. We won’t have a ton of time to just go wine tasting, but I love the idea of biking from winery to winery–perhaps we’ll have to make another trip!

  • camorose

    Woohoo! Noted!

  • camorose

    Got it!

  • camorose

    Haha will do! I lived in Colorado Springs for a summer and loved it -I’m tempted to see about squeezing in a day trip to the Garden of the Gods while we’re in Denver!

  • camorose

    Thank you! I’m excited!

  • camorose

    Ohhhhhh I love that! I’ve heard such great things about Boulder but I’m always surprised by how much good stuff there is in LA!

  • gracesface

    I feel like I only scratched the surface on my one visit to Santa Monica.

  • camorose

    Oh yes! LA has so many different neighborhoods, and they all feel like destinations in themselves!