St Lucia + Dominica: on video!

March 16, 2017 in Caribbean,Dominica,Places,Saint Lucia

We’ve been greeted by quite the blast of cold weather in New York City! Snowstorm Stella and the resulting frigid temperatures, subway delays and knee-high slush puddles have left me daydreaming about the Caribbean paradise we just left. So if you need a quick five-minute break from the chill of winter (or just the drudgery of Thursday), here’s a peek into our honeymoon in St Lucia and Dominica:

What would you be most excited to see or do in St Lucia or Dominica?

  • Katie M

    Oh my gosh, those videos make me want to book a flight! My husband and I honeymooned in St Lucia just about a year ago, and it was so lovely.. we hung out on Sugar Beach a few days (stayed at Ladera) and it was all amazing. If we go back, I want to hike the Pitons and see the other coast. Congratulations!

  • H Flores

    😍😍😍 love these looks like you had an amazing honeymoon!!

  • camorose

    Yes! I also would love to get to Martinique! We actually stopped there on the ferry, and it looked really interesting–far more developed than both St Lucia and Dominica, which I wasn’t expecting. And yes–if we go back, I’d love to hike the Pitons too!

  • camorose

    Yes! It was so fun!

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