Two things to not get sick

Two things to not get sick

It’s basically become a running joke among my friends: whenever someone mentions feeling a little under the weather or like they have a cold coming on, I always give the exact same two pieces of advice.

One: drink a hot toddy tonight! My grandmother was the biggest believer in the power of a hot toddy: hot water, lemon, honey, some fresh ginger and a shot of whiskey. They’re super soothing, especially for sore throats, and the bit of whiskey always helps me fall asleep a bit faster.

Two: use a neti pot! I have some friends that use it every day and others that only use it when they’re feeling stuffy–I usually use it about once a week, and maybe a bit more if I’m feeling a cold coming on. It’s so helpful to keep your sinuses clear and unobstructed. It’s from the Ayurvedic tradition (I started using one during yoga teacher training) that prescribes keeping your nasal passages clear, and it’s so helpful in the winter months.

This is by no means official advice from a doctor–actually, 100% based on personal experience–but I rarely get sick (I also refuse to get the flu shot, but that’s another story) and I do feel like these two things really help keep me healthy.

What are your favorite tricks to avoid getting sick? 

  • Wandering Whit

    Oil of Oregano. I always take it when I’m travelling and when people around me are sick. It helps boost my immune system and often fights off any illness. When I do get sick, which is very infrequently, it never lasts long. I take it in capsule form but you can take the actual oil too.
    And I’m so with you on not getting the flu shot.

  • Mr. Big

    Nice advice. A doctor would recommend a flu shot as well :p

  • Isabel

    Would love to hear why you don’t get the flu shot! I’ve always been conflicted about it but finally got one for the first time ever last year.

  • camorose

    Oh interesting!!! I’ve heard about oil of oregano before, but haven’t tried it yet–this might be the push I need to get it!

  • camorose


  • camorose

    I got it for a few times in college, and always got sick that year! I haven’t gotten in the years since and have very rarely gotten the flu–maybe once in 10 years? Nothing scientific, but not getting it seems to work for me!

  • I have this kind of bad luck where if I even mention anything about sickness I catch a cold! So for me I never talk about getting sick……

  • camorose

    Ahh that totally happens to me! I only get sick at the worst times!