One thing to send more snail mail

One thing to send more snail mail

My favorite recent discovery:  I’ve had a physical address book for ages, but it’s not actually that useful anymore: most of my friends move every couple of years, there’s no space for birthdays, I forget to take it with me on vacation when I want to send postcards. Plus, so many of my friends have gotten married lately, and it’s not easy to update with spouses’ information, name changes, baby birthdays, etc. Gertie the Pug stamp and pug cards

Enter: Postable! It’s a free online address book that’s super easy to use.

You have a custom link that you can email out to friends, and they can enter their address, birthday, significant other’s name and birthday, anniversary, or any other information you’re interested in keeping on hand. Note to recently engaged friends (or anyone who wants to start sending a bunch of mail): you can send one mass email with a unique link and get everyone’s mailing addresses in one fell swoop (including your SO’s people’s info–they can just email out the same link).

A few other things I like: You can also opt to have Postable send you a quick note when you have a birthday or significant event coming up. The address book is easy to search and update (aka no more pages of scratched out names and addresses). There’s also an option where Postable will actually send out cards for you, but I still think the whole joy of snail mail is getting a handwritten note with a pretty stamp! It’s definitely the best solution that I’ve found to keep all of my addresses and key information organized–and in turn, makes it easier and more fun to send more mail!

Any other favorite tips or tools to send more snail mail? 

Note: this is totally not sponsored, I just find it really useful and wanted to share! 

  • This is awesome Christine! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I kind of love that. I probably won’t switch (yet?) from the borderline terribly messy address book and separate birthday/anniversary important date book (ha, things i just learned: typing “birthday book purple yellow cover flower” into google works, this – https://www.amazon.com/Flower-Portraits-Birthday-Book-Remember/dp/0811844811 – was definitely like $10 when it was gifted to me (who would pay $190 for that used?!?!), and apparently i’ve had it since ~2004 and only started using it in the last year, OOPS), but that said — I have such a convoluted system where some stuff is in the address book, some stuff is in my iPhone/iCloud contacts, and some stuff is on random scraps of paper. I’m definitely gonna file this in the back of my mind as a potential future thing (and also send it to a friend who’s in the process of wedding planning, because that seems so useful for save the dates/etc etc etc).

    Also, since I’m commenting for the first time in ages – in love with that pug face stamp and very much debating getting one of my cat…

  • camorose

    Yes! Hope you enjoy!

  • camorose

    YES GET A CAT STAMP! I swear that it makes it so fun to send snail mail and everyone loves it! But yes, Postable has been super helpful so far and I highly recommend! I kept having to search through text messages and emails to find people’s current addresses, and it was driving me crazy!