Where to eat avocado toast in New York City

Where to eat avocado toast in New York City

Confession: avocado toast is one of the few foods that I am always willing to splurge on, even though 90% of the time I have the ingredients in my own kitchen. And that’s mostly because there are so many trendy restaurants and cafes popping up in New York City that do such a darn good job of it, even though it’s such a simple dish.Avocado toast at Sweatshop, WilliamsburgHere are a few of my go-to places in Brooklyn and Manhattan who know how to make the not only the most delicious but also the most photogenic avocado toast. There’s a reason why #avocadotoast on Insta is such a trend! Side note: my shirt was a limited-edition collab between Bollare and Knowlita (the brand behind my awesome New York or Nowhere tee), and it’s my favorite thing to rock on a lazy Sunday morning.

Avocado toast at Two Hands, New York City Avocado toast at Two Hands, New York City Two Hands

The place that put avocado toast on the map in Manhattan. I was obsessed with Two Hands when it opened last July, but it’s become a bit of a victim of its own popularity: now there’s hostess seating and queues to get inside and the coffee often takes longer than the food. But! The avocado toast is one of my favorites: the toast is thick and hearty, there’s a perfect blend of spice, and it’s plated for maximum Instagram effect. Bonus: sometimes the Aussie baristas will spread some Vegemite on first if you ask nicely!

Avocado toast at Cafe Gitane, New York City

Cafe Gitane

The toast is a bit thinner, and the avocado isn’t quite as chunky at Cafe Gitane–but this French-Moroccan restaurant in SoHo is one of those places that is great anytime of day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks. I love grabbing a seat at the high bar and splurging on a solo mimosa and some avocado toast after yoga in Elizabeth Street Garden.


Buvette is one of my absolute favorite places for breakfast in West Village: the interior is the very definition of charming. Their avocado toast is a meal in and of itself: super thick bread, piled with avocado smash and topped with thinly sliced radishes and decorative greens. To be fair, I always have to decide last-minute between this and the granola with thick Greek yogurt, fresh berries and honey. I feel like Buvette does an amazing job of taking things that I currently have in my pantry and making it seem so fancy and splurge-worthy.

Avocado toast at Sweatshop, WilliamsburgAvocado toast at Sweatshop, Williamsburg


Sweatshop is one of my favorite coffee shops in Williamsburg: the coffee is delicious, the light is perfect, the Aussie baristas are super friendly and I feel like I always run into someone I know here. Bonus: they recently rolled out a full breakfast and lunch menu! What I love about their avo smash is that it has feta cheese mixed in with it, giving it a nice extra salty flavor.

Avocado toast at Toby's Estate, New York City

Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate was the very first “cool” coffee shop I discovered in Williamsburg–mostly because I recognized the name from my time in Sydney! They opened up another shop in West Village earlier this year, and it’s a little more low-key (although you’re bound to run into some Instagrammers). The flaky sea salt sprinkled on the avocado toast expertly pulls all the flavors together.

Avocado toast from Wichcraft, New York City


‘Wichcraft is a sandwich shop with quite a few locations scattered around New York City, and it’s one of my go-to spots for a quick and easy lunch. I especially love their roasted turkey sandwich! So I was stoked to find out they do avocado toast: multigrain toast, avocado, lemon. It’s cheap, and they deliver! Perfect for an early lunch at the office.

Homemade avocado toast

Your kitchen

Seriously, though. Even though the avocados in New York are never as good as California (I have yet to meet a New Yorker who will press me on this point), avocado toast can very easily and deliciously be made at home. Splurge on a nice loaf of bread from the Balthazar bakery (or just pick up a loaf of sliced sourdough at Trader Joe’s), and toast to your preferred level of darkness. While toasting, dice one avocado into a bowl and mix well with a splash of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Spread avocado mix on toast, and top with chili flakes or an artistic squirt of siracha. Boom. And for toast beyond just avocado: check out my girl Danielle’s blog The Daily Toast for all of the toast inspiration!

Is there anywhere I missed? I’m always up to go try more! 

  • I don’t know how it’s possible that I haven’t had avocado toast before. I am obsessed with guacamole and avocados in general. Must try!!

  • I’d go to any and all of these places! I miss NYC!

    Her Heartland Soul

  • Girl you have made me hungry! Avocado toast is my go-to whenever I have some sourdough laying around. I also love topping it with a fried or scrambled egg.

  • Briel79

    Yuuuummmmy! Next time you are in LA you should go to StirMarket and try their avocado toast. It has pepperoncino, citrus, and sea salt and is really good! I’m going to try to go as much as I can before I move on the 22nd!

  • You’ve totally inspired me to pick up some avocados at TJ’s this afternoon. Two Hands is my fave for sure!

  • Gizem

    Try the ones out at one of the pain quotidien chsins, they are delicious and with side salad and all, like a whole dish…

  • Living in Melbourne got me so hooked on avocado toast! I started making it for myself more regularly, and I’d still find myself splurging on it when I went for brunch. My favorite is when there’s feta in the mix 🙂

  • cafe gitane gets my vote for the avocado toast – normally I wouldn’t have an opinion on this, but I ended up there by accident one day after shopping and OMG – whoa that toast is amazing. 😉

  • LC

    This is the most important blog post that has ever been written. Unless someone were to write one up on where to procure the best avocado toast in the world… (I feel like it would be in Australia, as it is pretty much our national dish).

  • Melissa Shearer

    mmmmm! Avocado toast is my absolute FAVOURITE breakfast/ snack! Your photos have me salivating over here 🙂

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  • camorose

    Yes! It’s so easy–I love it when just a few chili flakes and plenty of fresh squeeze lemon!

  • camorose

    They’re all fantastic!

  • camorose

    Same! Anytime I buy sourdough, I almost always buy avocado to make toast. And yes–with a fried cheesy egg, it’s my go-to “single girl dinner” (aka super quick, easy and one pan!).

  • camorose

    Noted! That sounds so good!

  • camorose

    Yes love Two Hands!!!

  • camorose

    Will do!

  • camorose

    Yesss I started mixing in feta when I make it at home and it really takes it up a notch!

  • camorose

    And the set-up at Cafe Gitane is just too cute!

  • camorose

    Haha yes! I definitely discovered it in Australia, but it’s become huge in NYC with all of these Australian cafes!

  • camorose

    Same here! So delicious!

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