Postcard from Charlottesville

Postcard from Charlottesville

Over the holidays, I headed down to Charlottesville, Virginia to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. Although my boyfriend is a born-and-raised Manhattanite, his uncle was a law professor at University of Virginia and his aunt worked in PR department at the university–so my boyfriend has years and years of fond memories of Christmas in Virginia.Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia

I was thoroughly looking forward to some mild winter temperatures and exploring an adorable Southern town–and Charlottesville didn’t disappoint on either front! We were blessed with sunshine and 60 degrees every day, perfect weather for exploring historical downtown Charlottesville, the University of Virginia grounds and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. I loved the grand Southern architecture, particularly accented with plenty of cheerful Christmas decorations.

Downtown Charlottesville, VirginiaDowntown Charlottesville, VirginiaDowntown Charlottesville, VirginiaSpring flowers in Charlottesville, Virginia  University of Virginia in CharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia in CharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia in CharlottesvilleThis little stretch on the University of Virginia campus is prestigious housing for seniors: so amazing. You get your own little room with a fireplace and a bed, and it faces out onto the lawns that lead up to the rotunda. Edgar Allen Poe actually lived in one for a semester! Such a grand university experience. University of Virginia in CharlottesvilleWe went for a wander around the University of Virginia grounds (not campus!) and enjoyed the gorgeous lawns (not quad!)–and I spotted this beautiful little church. University of Virginia in CharlottesvilleI’m a big fan of going inside churches–the doors are almost always unlocked–and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. It was completely empty and still, and the light pouring in through the stained glass was amazing.Charlottesville, Virginia sunsetChristmas in CharlottesvilleSpecial thanks to my boyfriend’s family for giving me such a wonderful introduction to Charlottesville and all of your Christmas traditions! 

  • Kristin

    Charlottesville is so great! These pictures have me vying for a little weekend trip there soon.

  • Heather

    Glad you enjoyed a visit to my hometown 🙂 I work at UVA and enjoy being on Grounds every day.

  • Simone Anne

    Whaaaat?! Those university housing units sound so amazing. A fireplace?! How dreamy.

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    What a beautiful campus, wow! And you were so lucky with the weather. That last picture is so beautiful and I just miss Christmas so much now, hah!

    Happy travels 🙂

  • Catherine

    Oh, gorgeous. Will have to add Charlottesville to my roadtrip wishlist.

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    Great Post and Nice Article.All of the Photos are so good.I like it.Thanks for sharing.

  • Ah! My Aunt went to UVA and I love visiting the area!!! Your pictures, as always, are absolutely stunning! If you don’t mind me being nosy, how do you edit them? And do you use a specific filter?! They’re always so stunning! xo

  • camorose

    Yes! I feel like it would be such a fun little city to visit for a weekend 🙂

  • camorose

    Oh what a fantastic place to work! Like I mentioned, my boyfriend’s uncle was a law professor there for many years and his aunt worked in public affairs office. Such a gorgeous place!

  • camorose

    RIGHT?! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own little room with your own fireplace as a senior in college?!?!

  • camorose

    I know! I can’t believe the holidays are already over–it was such a beautiful place to spend Christmas!

  • camorose

    Yes! It’d be a great road trip stop.

  • camorose

    Thanks, Jordan! I take all of my photos on my iPhone 6 and edit them in VSCO–I almost always use the C1 filter 🙂

  • What?!?! That’s so impressive!

  • Fabulous photos as always! I especially love the one from inside the church.

  • camorose

    Thanks! 🙂

  • camorose

    Thank you! It was beautiful!

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