Poppy Barley: the best boots I’ve ever owned

Poppy Barley: the best boots I’ve ever owned

Growing up in California, I never really learned the value of good boots or a warm jacket. I spent the winter in flats and sneakers, in cozy sweaters and light jackets–moving between warm cars and warm houses and warm offices, with only brief interludes in slightly chilly weather. What I would do for 60-degree days now! Poppy Barley Everyday City BootsAnd then I moved to New York City two whole winters ago, and I realized just how essential good boots are in keeping your whole body warm. And when you’re walking every day–from your house to the subway and down the subway stairs and up the subway stairs to transfer and then several blocks to your office–it is key that boots not only keep your feet warm, but that they’re easy to walk in. I spent the last two winters with sub-par short boots, a fact that I realize now that I have a gorgeous, comfortable and warm pair of Poppy Barley Everyday City Boots.

Poppy Barley Everyday City BootsThe coolest thing about them? They’re custom-made for your feet! One of the things that I really struggled with when I was buying boots was finding a pair that fit right, from being snug but not tight around my calf and hitting right below my knee without being too short. All Poppy Barley shoes are custom made, utilizing technology to ethically make products that will last for life. 

Poppy Barley Everyday City BootsBasically, you go online and put in your measurements (surprisingly quick and easy), order the shoes, an artisan workshop in Mexico makes them, and they send them to you! The only drawback: good things take time, so you can expect 4-6 weeks from ordering the shoe until they arrive. Poppy Barley Everyday City BootsIt’s a total lesson in patience in our immediate gratification world (I mean, I can barely handle the two-day Amazon Prime wait)–but it’s kind of amazing to think that something is being made especially for you, instead of just flying off the factory shelf to your door. Poppy Barley Everyday City BootsI have been wearing these boots every day–for my walking commute, at my standing desk, out with friends after work–and they have been insanely comfortable since day 1. The leather gets a little more broken-in every day, so I think they’ll be even better looking next winter! Poppy Barley Everyday City Boots

Poppy Barley has kindly offered free shipping for all C’est Christine readers using the code free-shipping-cestchristine. And they don’t just have boots! I’m seriously craving these sparkly gold flats and these camel feminine slippers to transition into spring.

Note: Poppy Barley kindly offered me a pair of Everyday City Boots, but all opinions are my own. 

  • Man I’m jealous. I like Poppy Barley but they’re so expensive for my current budget. I would love to have some of their shoes though.

  • Hannah

    I used to love this blog but it seems like every other post is about something that you received for free, that your now trying to sell to your readers. =/

  • jayelle

    I feel the same way. I’m trying to travel the world, how in the world, or really, would I want to drop $475 on a pair of boots?!?! Christine your blog is great but these posts give out the sell out vibe a bit 🙁

  • Lana Loo

    I’d hope for £260 they would be the best boots you’ve ever owned!! Gee whiz!!

  • camorose

    I try really hard to buy fewer shoes, but invest in ones that will last–aka break it down to cost per wear. I think that investing in a pair of real leather boots that fits really well is worth if you’re wearing them every single day–and I think that these will stand the test of time with style.

  • camorose

    Totally appreciate your feedback. I definitely hear what you’re saying, and I’m going to address it in a post–but essentially, I have been shifting away from pure travel to more lifestyle and style (because that’s what I’m more passionate about right now) so these posts are part of that. And in terms of selling things to readers, I’m fully committed to only sharing products that I genuinely love (some that I pay for and some that I don’t) but it’s more about sharing things that I love and that I think other people will love.

  • camorose

    Definitely feel free to reference my response to Hannah in terms of selling out–I appreciate the feedback. However, I’ve always tried to invest in things that make sense in a cost per wear option–aka have things that are better made and cost more but that will last longer. Also, I’m not traveling full-time at the moment–I’ve been living in New York City for the past two years–and this blog and how it’s shifted into more lifestyle/style has reflected that move and my current passions.

  • camorose

    That’s about the cost of good leather boots in department stores–and I think that having ones that are custom made to fit my legs and feet are definitely worth it more than something that doesn’t fit perfectly in store.

  • Jennifer Snyder

    I actually LOVE that you’re recommending items/services/places that you use and enjoy. People seem to forget that running blogs like this is an actual business and, Christine, I think you’ve always been super forthright in telling your readers how the content is shifting along with your life (and lifestyle). You also deserve to compensated, in various ways, for the free content and advice you provide. I say good on you for working with worthwhile brands and sharing the message of fewer better things. And just think: the money you’ve saved buying multiple pairs of cheap boots/shoes can go directly into your travel savings account!

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  • jennaebert

    I’ve actually had this company bookmarked for years!! totally agree that price cannot beat fit if you’ve got difficult parts to fit aka my calves! Boots that are cute, and wide calf, and CUTE are hard to find. Thanks for the cesty boot rec !!

  • SincerelyKateB

    Anyone- ANYONE – who knows Chrisyine knows she is all about quality over quantity. These boots are amazing and she wears them all the time. That’s the thing about nice products, you buy them and they last. For days. That’s what makes it a worthwhile invest. Keep the recs coming, C’est! I trust your opinion!

  • Isabel

    Love, love the yellow sweater, it looks so cozy!! Where is it from?

  • I totally agree – I do buy shoes that are generally more expensive, that will last longer, but they’re usually at the most $200. Maybe when I have a more reliable income again I will head over to Poppy Barley 🙂

  • camorose

    Thanks so much for the support, Jenn! Really, truly appreciated. And honestly, that’s always how I’ve looked at it–if I can save a little bit on products/services that I actually truly want and need, that money can go back into my travel savings account!

  • camorose

    Yay! Definitely go for it–they’re a splurge, but if you’re hard to fit at all, I just LOVE that they can do custom. And the whole measuring process is actually super simple!

  • camorose

    Thanks, Kate! I’m always glad that we align on our “shopping priorities”! 🙂

  • camorose

    It’s from Anthropologie. I bought it last year on a whim and it is THE BEST. Seriously, so warm and comfy and surprisingly goes with everything!

  • Girls got to have a good pair of boots. Love !!