The best of Nicaragua, via Instagram

The best of Nicaragua, via Instagram

The last week in Nicaragua was (almost) exactly what I’d hoped for: early morning yoga classes accompanied by astrological insights, a hammock on my balcony with an ocean view, lazy afternoons spent reading/walking/surfing on a private beach, fresh coconuts and savory vegetarian meals, surrounded by lush forest and few other humans. If it wasn’t for the serious bout of food poisoning that hit me a few days in (lesson learned on eating street food chicken), it would have been perfect.

The beach at Costa Dolce at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Alas, even 24 hours of being unable to leave my bed couldn’t dash my spirits: the sweet girls in the kitchen brought me delicious Nicaraguan rice and vegetable soup, straight to my bed with the ocean view. Although I wasn’t feeling 100% for the last few days of the trip, it was hard to be unhappy in a place as naturally gorgeous and wonderfully accommodating as Costa Dulce. Surrounded by other Brooklyn yogis–the retreat was led by Amanda, one of my favorite Greenhouse Holistic teachers and featured Reiki healing, tarot card readings and live sacred music–it was an incredibly rejuvenating week away. Bonus: it was my third country in 2014, so I was able to check that off my new year’s resolution list! 

Sunset at Costa Dulce in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We had a bonfire on the beach on our very first night, with this stunning sunset as the backdrop. I set my intention for the week: release the past, embrace the future.San Francisco Giants The beach at Costa Dolce at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The only disappointment: that I wasn’t in San Francisco, or even Finnerty’s in New York, to celebrate the Giants winning the World Series! The view from Costa Dulce in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The view from our room: on the day where I was super sick, it was comforting to listen to the waves crashing and stare out at the ocean.San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We ventured into town for one afternoon: San Juan del Sur is about a 30-minute drive on a very bumpy and sometimes steep dirt road that can only be accessed with 4-wheel drive.San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur didn’t disappoint: some good shopping, but more importantly, plenty of colorful buildings! Christine Amorose at Costa Dulce yoga retreat, Nicaragua

It wouldn’t be a yoga retreat without plenty of yoga pictures…Sunset at Costa Dulce in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The sunsets were spot-on every night–and I woke up to see the sun rise every morning as well! Christine Amorose at Costa Dulce yoga retreat, Nicaragua

Picked up that shirt at an adorable surf shop in San Juan del Sur: how good is it?!Yoga retreat at Costa Dulce in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Basically the perfect way to start the morning: tea, journaling and yoga.

Christine Amorose at Costa Dulce yoga retreat, Nicaragua

It’s funny how the best beauty routine doesn’t have any beauty products. A week with no alcohol, no caffeine and no makeup–and plenty of sunshine, saltwater and fresh air–left me with skin feeling better than any expensive facial. The beach at Costa Dolce at San Juan del Sur, NicaraguaWhat’s your favorite photo of Nicaragua? 



  • The dancer’s pose photo on the beach with the reflection is gorgeous!!

  • Briel79

    Yes, love the yoga pose with the reflection! So great! 🙂

  • Nicaragua is so beautiful… I’m so close to it here in Honduras, I hope I can go and have a beautiful time like you did! (Minus the food poisoning!)

  • Jenni Marie

    I love that last photo you posted. Nicaragua looks beautiful.

  • I’m a sucker for sunset/sunrise photos.

  • camorose

    That was totally the picture I wanted as soon as we arrived, and I’m so glad it turned out!

  • camorose

    One of my faves too!

  • camorose

    Yes! Totally worth it for a little beach escape!

  • camorose

    It was a gorgeous week!

  • camorose

    Same! We saw the most gorgeous sunsets on that beach.

  • How deliciously-divine are these?! Answer: incredibly!

    Despite the food poisoning (poor you, though I’m pleased it didn’t take up too much of your time) this sounds as though it really was the most wonderful trip away, Christine, and I’m pleased you were able to indulge in what Nicaragua and the retreat had to offer you.

    I gotta say, the photo of you is most definitely my favourite, because it’s so full of happiness!

  • camorose

    Thanks so much for the sweet words, Tori! Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂