Postcard from Storm King

Postcard from Storm King

A quick love note for social media: I have discovered some VERY COOL STUFF via Instagram. I spotted that awesomely colorful rebel wall and the Audrey Hepburn piece in Little Italy via friends’ feeds, and then hunted them down myself to spread the Instagram love. A similar thing happened with Storm King Art Center: friends and friends of friends kept hopping up to Storm King on the weekend, and I had so much Insta-envy!

Storm King Art Center in New York

I didn’t really know what Storm King was, but I was convinced that it would be the perfect autumn day trip. I tried to convince my boyfriend to skip Sunday football to “go see art and trees!” but he was not sold on it (also, he skipped football the previous Sunday to take me to the Bronx Zoo, so I already used that card). So instead, Aly and I went on one last wonderful road trip before she moves to California–and it was the BEST. Storm King Art Center is basically 500 acres of land in the gorgeous Hudson Valley that features more than 100 pieces of large-scale art. It was a picture-perfect fall day: colorful trees under blue skies with puffy white clouds. We wandered and took the tram and laughed nonstop and talked about art. It’s only about an hour drive outside of New York City, and the drive is just as gorgeous: it’s about to shut down for the winter, but I’m already dying to go back in the spring and summer!

Storm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New YorkStorm King Art Center in New York

What’s your favorite photo of Storm King? 

p.s. ALY I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY! Thanks for being the best roommate a girl could ask for and for all of the adventures in Brooklyn, Iceland and everywhere else! Love you to the moon!  

  • That setting is perfection. For the art, for a Sunday afternoon stroll, for everything. Gorgeous.

  • Laura

    That’s insanely beautiful. I can’t believe I grew up not far from here and I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to visit next time I’m back home!

  • I miss fall in New York!

  • I love when crazy-ass things become known to us – there’s such much wonder in this world of ours, it’s fantastic we’ve the opportunity to share it! I mean, hello? 500 acres dotted with large-scale art? What a sight!!

    And, oh, autumn – what a feast for our eyes you are!

  • I love the first one!

  • camorose

    Right? I can’t wait to go back next spring or summer, although it will be tough to beat the foliage.

  • camorose

    Definitely check it out–such a cool way to spend the day!

  • camorose

    But probably not our impending winter… 😉

  • camorose

    Haha yes! Love how you put that! 🙂

  • camorose

    One of my favorites too!

  • S

    Go to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ! Also an amazing sculpture garden, but a totally different vibe.

  • camorose

    Ohhh ok! Putting that on the list for when the weather gets better in 2015 🙂