Postcard from Seven Arrows

Postcard from Seven Arrows

The weekend before I left to celebrate my birthday in Turkey, I spent one of the final weekends of yoga teacher training at Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey. The second-to-last-weekend retreat is a tradition in the Greenhouse Holistic training program as a way to bond and relax after four intense months of spending nearly every weekend with the same 17 other yogis and three core teachers.

Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

Granted, I don’t know much about New Jersey–the only other time I’d stepped foot in the Garden State was to promptly fly out of it during my helicopter lesson. But I was quickly blown away by the fact that such a beautiful, QUIET place was just a 45-minute ferry ride away from Manhattan.

The Seastreak ferry from New York City to New Jersey

We took the Seastreak Ferry from Wall Street down to Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. It cost $50 round-trip (including a bike) and takes about 45 minutes. With milli0n-dollar views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines, cheap beer and a balance of breeze and sunshine on the top deck, it sure beat sitting in traffic.Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

Seven Arrows functions as a farm as well as a retreat center: so much of our vegetarian meals had been freshly picked that day.  Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

We spent the first night in silence, so it was glorious to wander down to the edge of the water alone and just listen to the water lap against the shore as the sun set. Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

The 200-year-old farmhouse has plenty of charm–and enough room for 17 people to stay! I stayed in the “dorm” with 9 other girls–top bunk, of course!–but it felt classy, not crowded. Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

An afternoon reading break on the hammock.Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

I adored how the entire farmhouse was decorated: a mix of antiques with yoga accents. There was a teak china cabinet that was filled with giant crystals! The yoga room had plenty of exquisite details in the molding and the fireplace, and was lined with crystals, buddas, fresh flowers. Plenty of fixed life envy here. Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New Jersey

I meditated in the sunshine on this dock each morning, and holy moly, it was tough to go back to creating that same sense of stillness in my Brooklyn apartment. Seven Arrows Retreat Center in New JerseyIt was an easy 15-minute bike ride from the ferry terminal, much of it through wooded roads like this. Such a nice change from the hectic Manhattan streets!

What’s your favorite photo of Seven Arrows? Would you ever want to go on a yoga retreat in New Jersey? 


  • grace b

    Looks gorgeous! I do want to go on some kind of yoga retreat some day soon.

    But I do have to point out after reading your comment, “Plenty of fixed life envy here.” that couldn’t you say you have a “fixed” life? It’s not a bad thing! And I am totally envious and admiring of the way that you blend your life in a big city with travel! Maybe “well curated life” is an applicable summation? I’ve been reading your blog since you lived in France and I’ve really enjoyed reading about all of your adventures! 🙂

  • camorose

    Oh thank you! I do have a fixed life now–and I’m still always lusting after well-designed homes!

  • Briel79

    Love the hammock photo best. That’s where I’d be found!

  • camorose

    Yes! It was the best!

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