June 2014

The best of Turkey, via Instagram

Turkey was just about everything I could have asked for in a birthday trip: full of adventures, but also plenty of relaxation. There was the once-in-a-lifetime hot-air balloon ride at sunrise and seeing the most stunning architecture that has stood the test of history, but also plenty of wandering through side streets, basking in sunshine […]

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What I do before a big trip

Since I’m currently having the most amazing time in Turkey (have you checked out Instagram lately?!) and it’s been reminding me just how much I love to explore a brand-new country. Even settled down in New York City, I travel enough that it still feels second nature to me. I don’t usually buy new things for a […]

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Celebrating 26 in Turkey!

As per my tradition of spending every birthday in my 20s in a new country, I’m flying out tonight to celebrate 26 in Turkey. I’m giving myself the special gift of rest and relaxation this year: in other words, I won’t be posting for the next 10 days! I’ll share photos and updates via my Instagram and Facebook from Cappadocia […]

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