Date idea: making pasta!

Date idea: making pasta!

Growing up in California, you learn how to entertain: you’re raised on backyard barbecues, dinner parties and copies of Sunset Living magazine. Particularly in the suburbs, everyone has modern kitchens (read: dishwashers!), separate living and dining rooms and sprawling backyards: all of the essentials to cook and host at home.

Making homemade pasta in Brooklyn

That’s not the case in New York. This is a city of hip restaurants and intimate bars, a place where birthday parties are reserved at bars and where rooftops are a rare commodity. That said, I still cook about 90% of my own meals (and pack my own lunch) and have a cute little outdoor space complete with a picnic table and room for a BBQ. And the most important thing of all: we have a dishwasher. We also have a great set of California-raised friends to trade dinner party fun with: he loves to cook, she loves to host. We headed over to Kate and Austin’s with another couple for the ultimate hands-on dinner party: making pasta!

Fresh tulips in front of the American flag

No dinner party is complete without a hostess gift: I’m partial to bringing fresh flowers.

Manhattan at dusk

Bonus: their rooftop has an INCREDIBLE view of Manhattan.

Making homemade pasta in Brooklyn

Austin is the ultimate cook–he can whip up the most delicious meal out of ANYTHING. His newest toy is a pasta maker, and he let us taking turns testing it out.

Making homemade pasta in Brooklyn    Making homemade pasta in BrooklynMaking homemade pasta in BrooklynMaking homemade pasta in Brooklyn

Prince was hoping for some pasta too!Making homemade pasta in Brooklyn

The final spread: homemade pasta with homemade pesto, garlic bread and salad. And this is Brooklyn–so wine was obviously served in mason jars.

Girl Scout cookies for dessert

The easiest dessert that’s the ultimate crowd pleaser? Girl Scout cookies!

Special thanks to Kate and Austin for having us over, and to Jillian and Aaron for trekking out to Brooklyn!

Have you been to any fun dinner parties lately?

  • I love making fresh pasta!!! I do it every now and then and it’s so so worth the extra effort it takes. There is nothing as delicious as fresh pasta!

  • LostInCheeseland

    This is SUCH a good idea!

  • How much fun!!!

  • Charlie

    What a cute idea! Me and a few friends are planning to get together to make sushi, now I want to get a pasta maker too!

  • camorose

    SO true! My parents make homemade ravioli sometimes and it is the best. I need to learn how to make it on my own!

  • camorose

    So much fun when dinner parties are interactive 🙂

  • camorose

    We loved it!

  • camorose

    Yes! It was so much fun!

  • Being a Girl Scout, I love the photo of the cookies! In Oklahoma ours are in boxes, I’ve never seen them in sleeves like that! Too cool!

  • camorose

    Haha! So funny. And yes–it was the BEST dessert! Everyone loved it!