Postcard from Midtown New York City

Postcard from Midtown New York City

I worked in Midtown for about a year: starting and ending my day at Grand Central Station, eating lunch in the sunshine on the steps of the New York Public Library, heading to Bryant Park for outdoor yoga in the evenings. I loved being able to see the Empire State Building from my office window and peeking up at the Chrysler Building as I exited the train station, bustling through the streets packed with business suits, clicking with high heels, crowded with tourists and advertising gimmicks.

Chrysler Building reflection in midtown New York City

The ONA office moved to SoHo at the beginning of 2014. I love being close to independent coffee shops, the cobblestone streets of West Village, the vibrant university life that pulses in Washington Square. But sometimes I miss the obvious, in-your-face, utter New York-ness of Midtown. On a recent (rare) day when the sun was shining and the skies were blue, I wandered around Midtown like the rest of the tourists: eyes pointed straight up to the tips of the skyscrapers, dwarfed by buildings on either side.

Midtown New York City on a beautiful spring day Rockefeller Center in midtown New York City

Gorgeous Art Deco doors at Rockefeller Center.

Buildings in Midtown New York City on a beautiful spring day

Just another anonymous skyscraper.

Radio City Music Hall  in Midtown New York City on a beautiful spring day

The iconic Radio City Music Hall: like any good new New Yorker, I saw the Rockette Christmas Spectacular last holiday season!

Streets of Midtown New York City on a beautiful spring day

42 Street: the bright lights of Times Square ahead, the trees of Bryant Square behind.

New York Public Library on a beautiful spring day

Fun fact: the marble lions in front of the New York Public Library are named Patience and Fortitude!

New York Public Library Walk in midtown NYC

One of my favorite quotes about writing from the great Mr. Hemingway, immortalized on Library Walk:

“All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. If you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.”

Empire State Building in midtown New York City under construction

New buildings, old buildings.

Streets of Midtown New York City on a beautiful spring day

Shadow play.

Empire State Building in midtown New York City under construction

One of my favorite things about the Empire State Building is that you never quite know if you’re going to see her. Sometimes, you can be right around the corner and craning your neck to find her–and then you’ll hook a left turn and see her in all her glory.

Midtown New York City on a beautiful spring day

What’s your favorite photo of Midtown New York City? 

p.s. if you’re visiting New York City and want to go to the tops of the Empire State Building (for a sunset like this) and Rockefeller Center (for views like this), I highly recommend checking out a CityPASS. Also, if you’re visiting New York City, I do NOT recommend staying in Midtown. Spend a day here seeing the sights, but stay in local neighborhood like the Lower East Side or Williamsburg for the liveliest atmosphere and best food options. 

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    Lovely photos! I always love visiting Bryant Park and the New York Public Library when I’m in the city. I haven’t been since 2011 and I’m dying to go back. Also, seeing the Rockette Christmas Spectacular has been a dream of mine! Thanks for sharing.

  • sincerelykateb

    no photos of the Bryant Park?!

    well nonetheless, I’m happy you’re in soho!

  • MelissaH

    Bryant Park is one of my favorite spots! My boyfriend and I are coming back for a visit the end of next month and booked an apartment through Airbnb on the LES. So excited to go back…One of these days, I’ll be a resident 🙂

  • Trusted Traveller

    My favourite city! Would love to live there or spend some extended time there one day. You’ve got some great photos but my vote will always go to any photo with the Chrysler Building in it. Stunning!

  • camorose

    Yes! I always make a point to stop at the Library and Bryant Park when I’m in the neighborhood 🙂

  • camorose

    They were dismantling the ice skating rink and the trees were all bare and brown–we should go back for a spring date in Bryant Park when things are in bloom!

  • camorose

    Hooray! I used to live in the LES, it’s the best 🙂

  • camorose

    Yes! My favorite building in the city!

  • Melissa

    So happy to hear that. I haven’t spent too much time in the LES, but am looking forward to exploring for sure!

  • I like the sound of yoga in Bryant park! I’ve always wanted to see one of the outdoor movies they play there in the summer.

  • Heather

    I used to work in one of those anonymous skyscrapers! I lived in Hell’s Kitchen at the time and walked through Times Square to get to work every single day. Talk about feeling like you really live in the city!

  • camorose

    Yes! That’s on my list for this summer–ALL OF THE OUTDOOR MOVIES!

  • camorose

    Holy–I don’t know if I could handle it!

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  • Oh, I really miss Bryant Park and the library now that I’ve moved out of state. Thank you for these little glimpses of home whilst I am away. 🙂

  • camorose

    So glad you can enjoy them! I need to make a little visit up to Bryant Park once the flowers bloom 🙂

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  • Saphia Louise

    I was trying to find the post, but can’t seem to find it lol.. But I was wondering, the all white pop up event that you went to last year, did it already happen this year?

  • camorose

    Diner En Blanc! I don’t think so, it was at the end of July last year: http://www.cestchristine.com/2015/07/postcard-from-diner-en-blanc/

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