November 2013

East Coast, West Coast rivalry

My journey to San Francisco was a whirlwind of emotions. As I sat in the backseat of an airport-bound cab and watched the New York skyline fade in the swirl of blue skies and wispy clouds, I felt incredibly lucky. Technically, this was a business trip (yay ONA), but it consisted of all the work […]

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Postcard from fall in Prospect Park

When people started expressing their delight that fall was upon us, I was cynical: to me, the start of fall only signifies the end of summer. However, I quickly realized that the concept of fall is something that is completely lost on someone who grew up on the West Coast: we had triple-digit temperatures into […]

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Artifact Uprising: making travel memories tangible

Right after I graduated from college, I flew to Europe for a five-week solo backpacking trip: affectionately, the trip that started it all. When I came home, I organized all of my photos and created a book, complete with little stories about what I’d gotten up to each day. It’s still on my parents’ coffee […]

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