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September 13, 2013 in New York City,Places,United States

Being able to go to the beach for the day: I always thought that was something people in Los Angeles did, not New Yorkers. I honestly never even thought about easy beach days when I moved to the city, since I figured that was reserved for rich people with fancy houses in the Hamptons or weekend getaways to Miami. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could hop on a subway train (or, better yet, in a car) for an hour or so and feel SO far away from city life. Sand, waves, blue skies: it’s not exactly the beautiful beaches of Sydney or the islands of Thailand, but it’s not bad.

Robert Moses beach in New York

This summer, I managed to squeeze in a few beach days and they were glorious. My acupuncturist has said that the ocean is great for getting rid of negative ions, and I always came back from a day at the beach feeling exhausted from the sun but so refreshed and calm. It’s necessary to escape the chaos of city life every once in a while, and even when the beaches were crowded, I still felt a hundred times more relaxed when my toes were in the sand.

Christine Amorose & Kate Brennan at the Rockaways Beach

I’m thrilled that my great friend Kate moved to New York City this summer–bonus that she has a car for easy getaways! However, Rockaway Beach is also easily accessible by the subway–which makes it my standard go-to when I want to escape the city for the day.

Rockaway Taco in New York

Hipsters go to the Rockaways for Rockaway Taco as much as the fresh air and the waves crashing–perhaps even more so! The fish tacos are the best that I’ve had on this coast, and the pineapple mint juice is the best refresher after a day in the sun. I might have to take a trip out there in the off-season when I’m feeling homesick!

The Rockaways Beach in New York

The Rockaways are still recovering after Sandy, with major portions of the beach undergoing construction due to erosion. Looking forward to next summer when the entire beach is open!

The Rockaways Beach in New York

Jones Beach in New York

On an overcast day in August, we took a risk and headed out to Jones Beach. Of course, we all forgot to bring sunscreen–and the sun promptly came out as soon as we laid down on our beach towels. One of the best options for a beach day trip from the city if you have a car!

Jones Beach in New York

Jones Beach in New York

Robert Moses beach in New York

Another great (and fitting) option for those with a car is Robert Moses Beach: Robert Moses is the politician who worked to implement highways instead of public transportation to New York’s best beaches.

What’s your favorite New York beach escape?

  • I’m a total advocate for Robert Moses Beach… a little longer of a drive than Jones but much cleaner and calmer. So many great beach day memories πŸ™‚

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    All I can think about are fish tacos and pineapple mint juice right now. Thanks! Great post.

  • Love that you mentioned your Acupuncturist! πŸ™‚ What lovely beaches!!! In the four years I lived in NYC I never once went to the beach, how sad is that?

  • ksommerkamp

    I could never imagine NYC and beaches in the same sentence. Isn’t it all city stress, noise and traffic? (I’m obviously totally wrong here!) These beaches do look great!

  • purplekat99

    As an LA native, I have no idea where the myth that we all live at the beach came from. Now that I am in the bay area and see the ocean every day, I didn’t even realize that in the past, most of the time when I see the water, it’s because I am flying somewhere. (Planes at LAX take off over the ocean.)

  • The Wondernuts

    I love east coast beaches. The water is always way warmer there. Not like the Pacific, which is freezing.

  • monicasuma

    Sandy Hook is my absolute favorite, tried them ALL. It’s a beautiful natural habitat, so less people. You take an awesome ferry ride and when you get to the beach (3 different beaches), you can see the NY skyline from the water. Priceless. A bit pricey though, $45 for the ferry ride.

  • monicasuma

    What?! You never went to the beach in NYC? Why?

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  • camorose

    So great! I really enjoyed the day out there.

  • camorose

    THE BEST! (At least in New York!)

  • camorose

    You need to come back–they’re not half bad!

  • camorose

    It’s no Caribbean, but they’re not bad!

  • camorose

    We take off over the ocean here too!

  • camorose

    It’s a nice break from the city, although I didn’t do much swimming!

  • camorose

    Might have to try that next summer!

  • SincereleyKateB

    I’m famous!!!! Glad we were able to get out the beach so much this summer!

  • Ricky Martin

    The place looks great. Everyone would love to go in a place as wonderful as this one.

  • camorose

    Same! Even more next summer!!! πŸ™‚

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