Postcard from Chelsea Piers Golf Club

Postcard from Chelsea Piers Golf Club

I grew up with the Golf Channel on in the background. My parents are both avid golfers (my dad just won the super senior Championship at their country club–just two years after winning the general club championship, and less than six months after major shoulder surgery!). Although I have vague memories of a set of miniature hot pink clubs as a kid, I resisted playing golf as soon as I started getting serious about soccer. No talk of college scholarships could sway me: I was committed to playing soccer–until I tore my ACL and MCL when I was 14. After a year of rehab, I turned to tennis and lacrosse–and then, my junior year of college, I interned at sports section of the Colorado Springs Gazette. Part of the reason I was hired was to help cover the U.S. Senior Open at The Broadmoor–and so I decided to take golf lessons for the summer. While I’ve been sporadic since then–my mom constantly tells me that the key to being good at golf is repetition–I still enjoy a day on the range.

Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

Golfing isn’t an easy hobby in New York City. It doesn’t come cheap or convenient, and it’s not as fun to lug clubs on the subway as it is to throw them in the trunk of a car. The one exception to this is the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers.



Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

Located in the heart of Manhattan on the Hudson River, the sports complex offers 52 hitting stalls on four levels–complete with wide-open views across the river.

Christine Amorose and Aly Gill at Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

My friend Aly and I were determined to make our fathers proud on this Sunday outing. While it quickly became clear that we hadn’t practiced in far too long, we still had a blast. It’s easy to rent clubs and the dress code is pretty lax: thank goodness, since my clubs, shoes and favorite golf skort are all collecting dust in my parents’ garage.

Aly Gill at Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

The highlight of the experience is totally the fully-automated ball tee-up system: the ball appears on the tee just like magic!

Aly Gill at Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City Aly Gill at Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City   Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City    Christine Amorose at Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

Christine Amorose at Chelsea Piers Golf Club, New York City

Even if I do need to work on my form, I can’t wait to go back! I never thought that I’d be able to work on my golf game while living in New York City, but Chelsea Sports Club offers lessons, social events and excursions to area golf courses. I need to brush up on my skills before I hit the course when I visit home.

And for the single ladies: the driving range is a killer place to meet clean-cut, active guys (just saaaaaayin’!).

Have you ever golfed somewhere like Chelsea Piers before?

Note: the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers kindly offered me a complimentary visit, but all opinions are my own.   

  • Jess

    I just started golfing last summer after a lot of prodding. I realized that most of my family golfs, and my boyfriend golfs, and I didn’t want to be left alone on future vacations while everyone was out on the course (I know, sounds kinda silly, but I want to prepare myself). I’ve actually surprised myself at the driving range — I wish mine had pop-up technology like that — but once I get out on the course, that quickly turns into frustration, haha.

  • I was so thinking what an amazing place to meet cute guys!!! I love golf. How much fun!

  • Aryn (Driftwood & Daydreams)

    I’m so bad at golfing, I definitely wouldn’t be attracting any “clean-cut, active guys”, haha!

  • Chelsea Piers is definitely a fun and exceptional venue at which to hit balls. The urban-ness of it is quite unique here in the US where we don’t tend to have many inner city driving ranges. Love the ball machines and cute guys too… not necessarily in that order (~_*)

    Now that you’re in “golf mode” you may also want to try Randall’s Island Golf Center where you’ll find a Manhattan driving range with a very different, but equally unique vibe. Here’s a video I made there a couple of years ago. http://blip.tv/golf-girl-tv/golf-girl-tv-randall-s-island-golf-center-1360679

    Enjoy reading your blog.

  • monicasuma

    Went there as well and had a ton of fun!

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  • camorose

    SAME SAME SAME! My mom always says practice makes perfect and it’s SO true with golf–if I don’t spend enough time on the driving range and putting green, I don’t enjoy actually “playing” at all!

  • camorose

    My mom always says to wear makeup, dress nicely and don’t schedule anything afterwards–just in case you meet someone and want to have a drink! 😉

  • camorose

    They want to help–I swear!

  • camorose

    Oh that sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  • camorose


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