The guide to hipster Reykjavik

The guide to hipster Reykjavik

I’m never sure if I love or hate the term “hipster.” Living in the Lower East Side, I’m just a river away from the ultimate hipster enclave of Williamsburg: I love the incredible cafe and bar scene, the funky fashion and the quirky ways that people have found to make a living out of their passion (like the girl who sells prints from vintage children’s books or the guy who makes clocks out of books–both sell at Artists & Fleas, and I actually own one of each).

Street art in Reykjavik, Iceland

Other times, I find it a bit ridiculous (the 39 most Brooklyn things ever is a hilarious read if you don’t know what I’m talking about). But luckily, I found that Reykjavik is pretty much the coolest kind of hipster scene: the people are young, pretty, fashionable and friendly. There’s good coffee and better beer. And the streets are covered in graffiti. I mean, as much as I don’t want to call myself a hipster–it’s pretty clear that I love all of those things. Here were my favorite “hipster-y” things in Reykjavik:

Christine Amorose in Reykjavik, Iceland

Instagram your heart out in HARPA

Iceland’s modern new concert hall is all angles, glass and perspective: it’s a dream to photograph. Plus, it’s free to enter and it has an awesome little record shop: the perfect escape when wandering the city on a rainy afternoon.

Hlin Design in Reykjavik, Iceland

Stock up on Scandinavian design

These bright and airy shops are scattered throughout downtown Reykjavik, selling items as varied as high-quality condoms (complete with fantastic typography and illustrations of a volcano erupting) to hand-painted cards to beautifully-knit scarves and blankets. If you’re looking for unique gifts to take home, pop into one of these stores–and just make sure you have room in your suitcase. (Note: I worked at a Scandinavian furniture and homeware shop in Australia, so I have a special spot in my heart for Scandinavian design.)

Kaffismidja Islands Coffee House in Reykjavik, Iceland

Get a fancy caffeine fix

In an unassuming and rather industrial corner building sits Kaffismiðja Íslands. From the outside, it doesn’t look like anything special; on the inside, however, Reykjavik’s top-rated coffee shop is cozy and chic. The chalkboard menu, the cushions thrown haphazardly on the window seat, the antique sewing table: it has all the right touches. But the real win is the expertly-executed espresso drinks and the homemade treats.

Sputnik Vintage in Reykjavik, Iceland

Score some sequins

Located next to the Reykjavik Backpackers, Sputnik Vintage won me over with a rack dedicated to nothing but sequins. There’s also a fantastic selection of denim jackets, vests and cutoffs and gorgeous vintage dresses–and a surprisingly large  collection of secondhand Converse All-Stars. It’s a bit pricey, but worth a browse–if only for the early 90’s hip-hop playlist.

Street art in Reykjavik, Iceland

Seek out the street art

For a small city that seems relatively tame, Reykjavik has a thriving street art scene. Plenty of it appears to be sanctioned, with a definite “public art” slant–like the gorgeous mirrored Iceland in this post’s first photo. But there’s a fair bit of subversive graffiti art, a combination of colorful tags and beautifully-painted murals.

Kex Bar and Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland

Spend all day (and night) at KEX Hostel

The first hostel I’ve ever stayed at that was just as popular with locals as it was with travelers! Located in an old biscuit factory on the waterfront, KEX Hostel is known for its bar and live music just as much as its affordable accommodation. As the Grapevine (Reykjavik’s English-language weekly) states: “KEX isn’t just a good bar because it’s one of relatively few choices in a relatively tiny city; it would be a good bar in any city, but it has a dreamy view of the sea that is truly Reykjavik.” A local told us to try Mikkeller, and it’s now on my short list of favorite pints.

Breakfast at Kex Bar and Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland

The best part of staying at KEX, however, instead of merely drinking there: the breakfast. Hostel breakfasts are usually pretty sparse and rarely delicious, but the KEX spread featured a variety of jams, traditional Icelandic yogurt, freshly-sliced fruit and the best bread. Swoon-worthy.

Other highlights: the carnival-inspired signs that announced the room numbers, the vintage knick-knacks sprinkled throughout the bar, the globes and maps as standard decor, and the super-friendly staff (who are more than happy to walk you through their perfect Reykjavik itinerary). I can see why Reykjavik-dwellers make it their local: it’s just plain cool.

Note: KEX Hostel kindly offered me complimentary accommodation, but all opinions are my own. 

  • sb

    Glad to see a post about Iceland, have wanted to go here for a while and this post has nudged me that little bit further!

  • This Battered Suitcase

    Another great post on Iceland! You are seriously making me want to go back – it’s been six years since I was there and I’m sure so much has changed. That hostel looks and sounds lovely, too, I’ll have to keep it in mind. -Brenna

  • Iceland’s Staple food? did you explore?

  • eva

    ha, los feliz in la probably rivals brooklyn for hipsters, but these photos make reykjavik look so fun! i love the photo of the concert hall!

  • camorose

    There are lots more to come! It’s a fantastic destination.

  • camorose

    I just got back a few weeks ago and I already want to go back–it’s just such an incredible place. And Kex really is fantastic–you would love it!

  • Quirky Travel

    You’ve gotta love those jams

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  • Iceland seems so great! I’ve been thinking a lot about going to Scandinavia lately, but I don’t really want to go in winter. So either I have to hurry or go next year. Who knows.

  • camorose

    The. Best.

  • camorose

    Definitely go in summer! Nice long days to explore 🙂

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