Australia: I miss you. Here’s why.

Australia: I miss you. Here’s why.

There’s  still a little bit of me that still feels like Australia is the one that got away. There’s a lingering heartache, a touch of guilt: I chose to leave Australia when I was still madly in love with the cities, the beaches, the people. When conjuring up the moments that I felt happiest, the most quietly content: it’s running along St Kilda bay in the cool sunshine, afternoons with a book in the Botanic Gardens, discovering another ridiculously cool alley of street art, spontaneous adventures to serene beaches. I had a fabulous hairdresser, a morning cafe that knew my order and my name, a standing Sunday tradition of ciders and acoustic music. I had a view of Luna Park from my bedroom window, I could see the bay from my balcony, I walked along the beach to go to the gym (to run on a treadmill that looked out over the water).

View from my apartment window of Luna Park at sunset in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

New York City is the new, exciting relationship: the one that could be the one. I’m still finding my groove, the sweet spot between a rewarding routine and feeling stuck. It’s close(r) to home, it’s comfortable without being easy: it’s also concrete, skyscrapers, ambition. I won’t lie: I do heart New York.

But Melbourne still feels a bit like the one that got away, the one that I didn’t give a proper chance. Regret isn’t the right word to describe how I feel: if I hadn’t left, I wouldn’t spent my 2012 diving in Bali, rock climbing in Thailand, cruising Croatia, relaxing in France, driving across the middle of the USA, setting in New York City. Those were all experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything–but I do still harbor a lot of what-if’s, plenty of wondering about what might have been.

When people ask what I’m doing next, I shrug my shoulders: who knows? Wistfully, I think of Australia: the four weeks of guilt-free vacation, the stunning beaches, the proximity to Southeast Asia, the lattes and the meat pies and the pavlova.

It’s been a year since I flew out of Sydney to cross the Nullarbor, a year since I left my life in Melbourne. A year of adventures, and not a day goes by when I don’t think about Australia. I’m nostalgic, especially when I break open the photos. Here’s what I miss (unsurprisingly, beaches make multiple appearances):

Bronte Beach on a summer day in Sydney, Australia

Bronte Beach (and the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk).

Latte from Three Bags Full in Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia

Proper lattes.

Manly Beach on a summer day in Sydney, Australia

Manly beaches.

St Kilda beach on sunny day in Melbourne, Australia

Living across the street from this.

Ice skating on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Hot chocolate and ice skating on Bondi Beach at sunset.

Anzac Bridge and kayakers in Sydney, Australia from Glebe Point

Sunset runs down Glebe Point Road.

Talia beaches in South Australia from Coodlie Park

South Australia beaches.

Be free street art in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Street art in St Kilda.

Sunset over St Kilda beach in Melbourne, Australia

Sunsets in St Kilda.

Lucky Bay in Cape le Grande National Park in Western Australia

Western Australia beaches.

Driving across the Nullarbor in Australia

Driving across the Nullarbor.

Bunda Cliffs in South and Western Australia

The Bunda Cliffs.

White sand at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand in Western Australia

White sand beaches.

Pink sunset in Perth, Western Australia

Sunset in Perth.

Honorable mentions, or else this photo post would have gone on forever: Hobart. Adelaide. The MONA. Delicious brekkies. Sunny cafes. Only having to be at the airport 30 minutes before your flight leaves. Perth beaches. The Melbourne tram. Broadsheet. Heaps of beagles. Vegemite toast. Maltesers. Having a fringe. Spring Racing Carnival. Ciders with the girls, beers with the boys. Working at Great Dane. Everything.

  • camorose

    Very true! I miss it!

  • Ashton Pereira

    Great article! I’m from Melbourne and live just 10 min from St Kilda; reading this makes me realise how lucky I am and reminds me to take a step back and enjoy!

    Funny thing is I’m heading over to New York (and my other cities) in 4 weeks and can’t wait to experience life in the US!!

    Love the blog, keep up the great work! Looking forward to getting through every article 🙂

  • camorose

    Oh excellent! I actually really considered moving to New York only because all the Aussies I was friends with were obsessed with–I figured since I was eligible to live and work here, I might as well see what all the fuss was about! You’ll love it–SO different from Melbourne!

  • Saskia

    Just found this post and I gotta say I couldn’t agree more! I was in oz last year and it broke my heart when I had to leave. I fell in love with this country and the ppl that live there, I’ll be back so very soon! So many things I miss! The beautiful beaches, the amazing weather, the people, triple J, aussie bands, aussie beer and so much more! Everyone was so relaxed! I promised myself that once I’m done studying I’ll go back and live there!

  • camorose

    Yes! You definitely should! I miss it all the time soon!

  • Aaron Keogh

    I’ve been back 2 times from the UK since my first visit of 2 years, got to say that they werent as fun as the first time due to work restrictions but it’s for sure the best country in the world. Did you ever return?

  • camorose

    Not yet but I definitely hope to someday soon!

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