2012 resolutions: what I did more (and less) of this year

2012 resolutions: what I did more (and less) of this year

When I was looking for a photo to sum up 2012, it was tough for me to find one. Would I remember 2012 as the year that I explored Southeast Asia for the first time, that I sailed through the Adriatic and the Caribbean, that I drove across the USA or that I moved to New York City?

Christine Amorose on a picnic in Paris

In the end, I chose a picture where I’m the happiest. My best friend says that when I’m really happy (generally mid-laugh), my nose squishes up: that never happens in my carefully posed, accompanied-by-skinny-arm smiles. In the above photo, I’m having a picnic in Buttes-Chaumont Park in Paris this June: brilliant sunshine, excellent company, not a worry in the world. It was a good day in the middle of a very good year.

I think that’s what I’ll remember most about 2012: being happy. It wasn’t the easiest year: it had plenty of challenges, doubting and a loss that was greatly felt. But it was a year in which I achieved much of what I set out to achieve–as evidenced by my new year’s resolutions, which I originally shared at the end of 2011. Here’s how I fared:

See more sunrises: For this resolution, I’m going quality over quantity. I didn’t wake up in the darkness too often–or ever, really. I had the best of intentions when I set my alarm for sunrise yoga or early morning runs, but my snooze button often got the best of me. But I did witness one of the most incredible sunrises of my life while sailing the San Blas Islands. One night, I stayed up talking about everything under the moon under the stars with a new friend on the top deck. As dusk turned to dawn, an absolutely beautiful sunrise unfolded around us: we decided not to run downstairs to grab our cameras and instead to simply enjoy the moment together. It was awesome. Even in this age of digital sharing, I don’t think anything can beat the images that we can’t catch on a camera.

Christine Amorose and Kelsey Dei Rossi on Hvar Island, Croatia

Travel with my best friends: Croatia with Kelsey, a sorority BFF. Paris with Nevin, one of my Nice favorites. Catching up with friends in Nice, like Amy and Rosa. Driving across the USA with Renee, my Australian road trip buddy. Sailing the San Blas Islands with Jess, an instant friend from Melbourne. And next week, I’ll be going to S.S. Coachella and soaking up the sunshine in Miami with Miamah, my best friend since freshman year of high school (whom I’ve NEVER traveled with). The solo travel I did this year was brilliant, but honestly–I don’t think anything can beat the shared memories of exploring a new (or familiar) city together. The shared experiences ended up being the best holiday vacations possible.

ADPis at Stagecoach Country Music Festival 2012

Go to at least one music festival: I slipped into my cowboy boots for Stagecoach Country Music Festival in April and I’ll be rocking in a bikini at the first-ever S.S. Coachella to the Bahamas. Expensive, yes–but the memories are priceless.

Only say “I’m sorry” when I really mean it: I still say “I’m sorry” far too often, but I am much more aware of it. Whenever I apologize, I try to ask myself if a man would apologize: would a man say sorry for making that minor mistake? Or being a few minutes late? Or making a choice that benefits him instead of others? Sometimes yes, sometimes no–but I tried to stop saying it if I hadn’t done anything wrong.

Christine Amorose in camel pose in the San Blas Islands

Dedicated yoga and running sesh at least once a week: Instead of maintaining that consistency, my yoga practice has been fairly all or nothing: I practiced every day for the first month of 2012 in Bali, switched between Bikram and outdoor yoga during my two months in Sacramento, committed to classes three to four times a week since moving to Williamsburg in October. Those spaces in between, the months in Thailand and Vietnam and France and Croatia and driving across the USA, were completely free of yoga. Oh, and I pretty much never ran. Something for 2013?

Waterfall reflections at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Go to Croatia: I sailed from Split to Dubrovnik with Busabout. I also explored the underrated capital of Zagreb, soaked up the natural beauty at the Plitvice Lakes and squeezed in some beach time at the coastal cities of Split and Dubrovnik. My verdict: totally, totally worth it (and ridiculously beautiful, especially via Instagram). Croatia went above and beyond even the high expectations I set for it.

Stop saying “I’m jealous”: I was really conscious of this year, and it paid off: I felt so much more content in my own choices, my own body, my own place in the world than I ever have before. Focusing on all that I have, instead of comparing myself to others, paid off in confidence, happiness and a certain serenity in knowing that I was exactly where I need to be and completely capable of change.

Note: In order to fully appreciate my time with my best friend (and to maximize my tanning time), I will be offline from December 16-22. There are no posts scheduled. I hope you enjoy the break as much as I do! 

 How did you do on your 2012 resolutions?

  • Enjoy your break!

    I am always a huge fan of reviewing goals and figuring out what you achieved and what you can keep working on. I had quite a few goals this year and I have a few more next year. I’m so curious to see how they all pan out!

  • Nevin

    This wonderful post reminded me to stop focusing on all the things I need to improve on next year and take a few moments to remember how amazing 2012 was! Love the photo choice too – it was a fabulous day/week! Looking forward to more international rendez-vous in 2013 🙂

  • SincerelyKateB

    Love it, Cest! Love it.

  • JulikaSarah

    Wonderful post, Christine! I’m totally declaring “Stop saying ‘I’m jealous'” my resolution for 2013 – comparing yourself to others, and being jealous just makes you unhappy!
    And I love that first photo of you! I think I have the same dress – H&M, right? 🙂
    Enjoy your break! I’m looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

  • Congrats on keeping most of your resolutions! My resolution last year was to NOT make resolutions haha. I LOVE that turquoise dress!!!!!

  • Traveling with my best friends is the only resolution that never goes away, it is truly priceless! And setting realistic goals and feeling content with what you have is something I am learning as well. Comparing ourselves with others doesn’t make sense, because they are in different stages of their lives, living completely different circumstances, so why bother? Lovely post!

  • I did so poorly on resolutions for 2012 – I never even came up with any. Then I thought I would make some on my birthday halfway through the year – nope. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration to really think about these for next year and to actively review them! And have SO MUCH FUN on SS Coachella!

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  • camorose

    It’s nice to have a place to very publicly state them–I always feel so much more accountable for them after I’ve written about them!

  • camorose

    Thanks, lady! Nothing like remembering to live in the present–although I am always ready to plan your next trip to NYC and/or another international rendezvous!

  • camorose

    Thanks, lady! So glad that we were able to finally rendezvous (THREE TIMES!) after so much snail mail exchanges!

  • camorose

    Yup, the dress is H&M! Perfect casual summer dress 🙂
    Not saying “I’m jealous” was SUCH a huge change in my perspective this year–not saying the words totally affected my moods. Highly recommend it!

  • camorose

    Thanks! I love resolutions–such a huge part of keeping myself accountable for positive change!

  • camorose

    Thank you! Traveling with good friends is the best 🙂

  • camorose

    Thank you! I love taking the time to think about what I really want to achieve, and then writing and sharing them really keeps me accountable. I used to keep them written on an index card on my mirror so that I could see them every day–great reminder if you’re living a fixed life!

  • Traveler

    would love to sniff the seat of your bikini

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