The little things I love about New York City

The little things I love about New York City

Honestly, I never pictured myself as much of a big city girl. I grew up in the suburbs of a cow town capital, and I’ve always been more comfortable in smaller cities with a prominent beachfront. I’ve based my happiness on how easy it is for me to escape to a swim in the sea.
The Empire State Building at dusk in New York City, USA
That factor has gone out the window in the Big Apple, but I don’t think that any other city can really compare after you live in New York City. Every time I come “home” after a weekend or vacation away, I’m hit by just how lucky I am to live here.
The Manhattan skyline seen from East River Park, Williamsburg, New York City
The skyline: The best part of living in Brooklyn has to be the unobstructed Manhattan skyline views. But really, the iconic New York skyline looks gorgeous from any angle. Whether your view is from up the Hudson in Yonkers, across the East River in Queens or sneaking in through the trees from the secret corners of Central Park, Manhattan is breathtaking.
Revolving doors: we just don’t have these on the West Coast!

Chairs and shadows at MoMA courtyard in New York City

Being a member of the MoMA: One of my big city fantasies was being able to pop over to museums on my lunch break and check out the latest exhibit–to me, that was just the height of cosmopolitan savvy. I love that I can spend an hour or a day in the museum, and that I can bring friends for just $5!

Live for today 9/11 street chalk in Williamsburg, New York City

The community of New Yorkers: One thing I forgot while traveling was just how friendly Americans are. They are exceedingly polite and they will go out of their way to help you–and that goes for New York City as well as the small towns.

Anything can be delivered, and fast: You can get your Thai green curry, dry-cleaning, bottles of wine, organic groceries, new furniture, pillows and pretty much anything else your heart desires, delivered straight to your front door. It’ll cost you, of course–but often, it’s worth it (especially after you drag a case of wine home on the subway).

8th avenue mural in the New York City subway

The subway: It runs 24 hours and trains come every few minutes. There are cool things to look at, whether it’s beautiful tile mosaics in 8th Avenue station or whether it’s just people-watching on the train. It’s reasonably priced and it goes just about everywhere in the city. Taxis are cheap, but truth be told, I prefer reading a book and brushing up against the masses underground.

Central Park on a sunny day in New York City, USA

Central Park: OK, so this isn’t exactly a little thing: it’s actually pretty huge (1.317 square miles, to be exact). But I love this green urban oasis: it’s the perfect place to wander, to picnic, to soak up the sunshine or watch the leaves change color.

Blue skies. 

Mini smore at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, New York City

Smorgasburg: This is probably my absolute favorite part of living in Williamsburg: it’s a “food flea market” that happens right on the waterfront every Saturday. Combine incredible skyline views, a very hipster crowd and creative, artisan twists on classics like smores, grilled cheese and jam, and you’ve got Smorgasburg. Come hungry and bring cash.

Carpe Diem pillowcases and flowered loft bedding with exposed brick wall

Getting to indulge my fixed life envy: Even though I don’t know how permanent a move this is, I’m expecting far more dinner parties and house guests than I ever had in Nice or Melbourne (everyone said people will visit as soon as you move to New York City, and it’s true). I’ve really enjoyed carving out a space for myself: decorating my loft, joining a yoga studio, going grocery shopping. It’s a lovely change of pace.

Marcy Subway station in autumn in New York City, USA

The leaves changing: I’ve been happy staying in summer mode for multiple seasons, but the best part of gearing up for an actual winter means getting to experience an actual fall.

Two boys reading in hammocks on the Bowery in New York City, USA

The characters: I swear, there is no better place to people watch than New York City.

Filling Station craft beer from Chelsea Market in New York City, USA

Good beer: The microbrewery scene in America is amazing, and I love the growler tradition in New York City. Where else can you grab a craft IPA “to go” in a Mason jar and sip it in the sunshine on a busy intersection?

Street art on Front Street in New York City, USA

The street art: I won’t lie: it’s not as good as Melbourne. But New York City still has some interesting details and in-your-face murals if you pay attention.

Man juggling in Bryant Park in New York City, USA

Lunchtime in Bryant Park: I work just a few blocks away from the New York Public Library and Bryant Park, and I make a point to take a lunchtime stroll through the trees. In the summer, there were juggling classes and a professional piano player to entertain the lunchtime masses; in the winter, the city’s only free ice skating rink is open. Plus, there’s the outdoor “Reading Room”: a collection of the day’s newspapers, as well as plenty of classics. It’s my favorite place to get caught up on the day’s headlines!

Sunset over the Hudson River in New York City, USA

City sunsets: You’re not always able to fully enjoy a city sunset, as the buildings tend to block out all the good sky. But that just makes it all the more special when you do catch one over the water.

What’s your favorite little joy of New York City? 

  • LostInCheeseland

    I have a feeling this move will be more permanent than you think 🙂 Basically all the things I enjoy about New York too! Only thing missing – that Paris charm!

  • I get more and more excited to see NY every time I visit your blog! We are settling down to have our baby and finish up my husband’s bachelor’s degree, but we were just talking last night about how it’s just not in our blood to ACTUALLY settle down. No way!

  • JulikaSarah

    You basically just convinced me to move to New York too someday 🙂
    Going to see the latest exhibition at MoMA in your lunch break sounds just too good to be true!

  • I agree with everything you said! Oh man I miss NYC!!! Enjoy it for me!

  • I love the West Village as really so quite and charming! Your photos are amazing and there are so many great things about NYC!

  • I’d love to visit Smorgasburg just to eat those amazing looking smores! Great photos!

  • Oneika_the_Traveller

    Love the pic with your feet! Those animal print leggings are to die for!

  • I really enjoyed all these pics – glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

  • Nevin

    Love the subway mosaic – will try (and probably fail) to find something as equally pretty on the tube. Perhaps it’s time to redesign that C’est Christine skyline to include some NYC, the city sounds like it’s suiting you so well! 😉

  • Colleen Brynn

    I always saw myself living in NYC… not sure if/when that will happen if it does, but you are living the dream. I have been and will be living through you for this journey that’s for sure!

  • Alicia C

    Great photos, I must come visit you too! lol 😉

  • Sounds like you’re having a great time in NYC! I’ve never really considered spending a lot of time there, but after seeing this post I’m slowly being convinced. It’s great you get to work in the middle of these things you love so much to 🙂

  • I live in Williamsburg too! I moved here from Australia 6 mths ago. Love your blog 🙂

  • I had a feeling you’d fall inlove with NYC. There are only two kinds I meet – the ones who don’t particularly hate it but can’t handle the constant hustle and bustle, and those who fall in love within 5 seconds. And you’re absolutely right, streetart in NYC is not up to par to Melbourne or Berlin but every time I come across one, I get really excited about it.

  • Smorga what?! Omg I have to have one when we visit. Really looking forward to exploring this city we love. There’s always something new to discover. I like the shopping and theatre scene.

  • camorose

    So true–but it’s so much closer to Paris than California or Australia 🙂

  • camorose

    New York CIty is a really fun place to settle for a little bit because there is so much always going on–so many things to explore and experience!

  • camorose

    Awww I love it! NYC is a really fun place to live, highly recommend it for a stint 🙂

  • camorose

    Thanks lady! Come visit soon!!!

  • camorose

    The West Village is one of my favorite places to wander, it’s such a cute area!

  • camorose

    Smorgasburg is probably my favorite thing in all of NYC, there’s always something delicious to try!

  • camorose

    Thanks! I’m very into the leopard print trend right now 🙂

  • camorose

    Thanks! It’s been fabulous so far 🙂

  • camorose

    I know, I’ve actually been thinking a redesign might be necessary–we’ll see, I’m pretty happy here for the moment and can’t wait to explore it with you when you arrive 🙂 xxx

  • camorose

    So great to hear! It’s definitely worth trying to have a stint here, it’s a fabulous city 🙂

  • camorose

    One of the best cities in the world to visit, that’s for sure!

  • camorose

    It’s a big change from what I’m used to, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a wonderful place to live while you’re young!

  • camorose

    Aww thanks! We’ll totes have to meet up for a coffee–even though it’s hard to find one as good as in Oz! 🙂

  • camorose

    No matter what happens, I think NYC will always hold a special place in my heart–it’s a wonderful city 🙂

  • camorose

    Definitely put Smorgasburg on your list–it’s my favorite thing in this city!

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  • Your bed linen is rad!

  • camorose

    Urban Outfitters!

  • Ann

    glad you’re liking NYC; it’s an amazing place! the Alphabet City part of the East Village (Aves A, B, C) has a lot of street art. many new businesses hire respected graffiti artists like Chico to do murals to help establish cred with the residents

  • camorose

    I love Alphabet City–need to do a wander with my camera over there to find some good street art 🙂

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