Expect the most wonderful things to happen: not in the future but right now

Expect the most wonderful things to happen: not in the future but right now

As we fought our hangovers with Bloody Mary’s at the MoMA cafe, Aly and I were fighting not only the day-after effects of too much booze and not enough sleep but also the consequences of moving to New York City. Aly, my favorite Santa Cruz hippie and my college roommate, and I were both California girls and recent NYC transplants. Our energy was zapped by the city’s hustle, our optimism slacking with each new challenge. We dreamt of sandy beaches, yoga retreats, snowboarding in T-shirts. We had one of those endless brunches where you talk about everything and every fear, every tug of regret is validated because someone shares it.

What matters most in your life? Found on a Paris wall.

To be honest, I had been questioning my decision to move to New York City almost since the moment I arrived. I like things to run on my timeline, and New York City was stubbornly resisting my desire for things to perfectly fall together, now. I went on interview after interview, coffee date after coffee date, all in the hunt for a career I wasn’t even sure I was ready for. I spent a lot of time on the subway, disgusted by the trash and the smog, and wondered why I had traded in my glorious life of a beach bum for a big risk in the big city.

My friends and family were remarkably patient, eternally trusting that I would figure things out. I wasn’t so sure. Maybe I wouldn’t make it in New York City. Maybe I’d beg off to the other corner of the globe, and lick my rejection wounds along with a sprinkle of salt, a squeeze of lime and a shot of tequila. I wrote a postcard to a friend after he withstood another one of my sobfests, thanking him for “having more confidence in me than I have in myself.”

More Magic, All the Time: eBook by Rachel Magahy of In Spaces Between

But sometimes you get a nudge from the universe just when you need it. My nudge was this incredible eBook from the most gorgeous, giving soul I’ve ever encountered (her blog is a constant, beautiful source of smiles). It was a very literal reminder to stop being so hard on myself, to invest in myself, to actively visualize and pursue exactly what I wanted and to RUN MY OWN RACE.

So I did. I thanked myself for being willing to take a risk, and understood that maybe, the risk itself would be the payoff. I joined the MoMA, and took a break from writing cover letters to be inspired by art and sunshine in the museum courtyard. I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a job and an apartment. I started taking a moment to breathe before I rolled over and checked my iPhone in the morning. I accepted that I didn’t want the long hours (and subsequent big paycheck) of many of my other friends in the city, and that everyone was too busy with their own race to notice if I wasn’t running quite as fast as I wanted to.

And things fell together. Perfectly, in fact. I found a place in Williamsburg, a room with natural light, an exposed brick wall, a huge closet to fill and a chance to buy new furniture. I accepted a job offer at a company that sells beautiful and functional things, products that are so gorgeous I’d pitch them even if I wasn’t getting paid for it. A job that allows me to do what I love and what I’m good at, a manager with whom I’d want to go out to dinner.

The best part? I don’t start until October 1. So in case you had any qualms about me moving to New York City and ceasing to travel (and booking ridiculous trips on a whim), you couldn’t be more wrong. I leave this afternoon to squeeze in a trip of sailing in the sunshine, a last hoorah to get a base tan before I succumb to pea coats and ankle boots. I’ll be spending the next 12 days in Panama City, the San Blas Islands, Cartagena: a chance to set foot on a new continent and catch up with an old friend.

It’s also an attempt at an honest-to-God vacation. I won’t be traveling with my laptop (for the first time since I launched C’est Christine in 2010). I’m also going carry-on only for the first time pretty much ever: no makeup and no jewelry, just bikinis and flip-flops. Posts are scheduled, I’ll occasionally be checking in on Facebook and Twitter, but until October: I’ll be practicing my Spanish, and living my favorite life of sand and saltwater. Hasta la vista, baby!

*If you need a spark of inspiration on how to create your best life, seriously, read More Magic, All The Time. It’s a quick read, but such an incredible boost of all the right energy!Β 

  • Christine, I know exactly how that feels… I was regretting London from the moment I stepped out of the place. This city wasn’t me – the fog, cold, wind, crowds, stressed faces… the fast pace, consumerist life. But after a while, I changed the way I looked at it. All the things I don’t like are still there, but I’ve learned to make the best of it moving somewhere with lots of natural light, a large park and friendly people… and moving jobs into something that I had never thought I’d do (I never thought I’d do anything besides for finance, much less an event management role…).

    So… cheers for finding your right spot in a huge city!! I hope you enjoy the sailing πŸ™‚

  • I think I’ll read that ebook, could do with a dose of inspiration right now! At times we all feel like we should be doing X, Y and Z just because its the social norm. I’ve just moved back home to Australia and after being abroad for two years, mostly based in London which I agree with Katherina can be a hard city to feel at home, I feel like I have to prove myself all over again. A good reality check is in order I think.
    Hope you have a fab holiday, you definitely deserve it πŸ˜‰

  • LostInCheeseland

    I must say, you really weren’t floundering for very long given all we hear about the crummy economy! So live it up on this trip – you’re faring the New York life just fine πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  • Christine, darling – not many people would have even had the balls to have even tried out the Big Apple. You stepped up and what will be, will be. You’re very self aware and you’ll work it all out – that I do not doubt. Be nicer to yourself and enjoy Colombia πŸ™‚

  • David

    make sure you dont eat alot or drink too much before leaving san blas for cartegena. i took that route in december last year and those seas are hungry for making people sea sick.

  • Briel79

    Congratulations on your new job! Have a wonderful vacation!

  • Craig on the Nullabor ;)

    Congrats! i quit my full time 9-5 to take on my current tour guiding role.. all with in hours of being offered a “trial” tour.. no security no guarantee.. just a big jump in the direction i wanted to be.. and well.. i guess its worked out.. i hit the road again Wednesday for my next tour out.. starting year #3.. hopefully one day we will catch up again.. instead of missing each other at airports like we basically did this year πŸ˜‰ ENJOY your HOLIDAY… look forward to reading more updates soon!

  • Melanie

    I’m so glad you’ve finally found some balance in crazy NYC and in your life in general. I know exactly how you feel right now:)
    Enjoy unplugging and spending time on the beach with friends. Sometimes the simplest trips are the best.

  • Congrats!!!!!! The Universe always provides. Enjoy Paradise!

  • Love this post! Be open to the universe! Totally wanna read that ebook.

  • Rach // In Spaces Between

    Christine, we’ve chatted about this on email (LOVED those emails) and once again, I have to tell you how stoked I am for you and how the whole situation has unfolded – even better than you’d first imagined. It’s all about clarity… timing… and trust. Thank you so much for your kind words and for spreading the love about my eBook too – I’m beyond grateful, beautiful lady. (PS: I’d love anyone reading to come on over and download the book, it’s a freebie!) Big, happy hugs xo

  • KaleenasKaleidoscope

    Congratulations on everything coming together! It was only a matter of time. πŸ™‚ Have fun in Central America–I was just in Panama City earlier this year and it’s certainly an interesting place! Check out the neighborhood Casco Viejo if you have a chance, that’s where I stayed and it’s quite unique. Lots of history and some amazing ceviche at the fish market! Have fun!

  • Guest

    This all sounds so exciting and like things are happening as they should….enjoy your trip and good luck with the new job!

  • Sounds like things are happening as they should – have a fun trip and good luck starting the new gig!

  • camorose

    I think that’s exactly what it is: learning how to focus on the positive attributes of a place, not the things I don’t love about it. There are definitely some awesome benefits to living in such huge, international cities like NYC and London!

  • camorose

    It can be so hard to fit back in with a “normal” lifestyle, especially when you’ve been off doing different, crazy things for a while! All about figuring out how to manage your own expectations and forget what everyone around you is dong and saying πŸ™‚ And yes, totes read the eBook for a fabulous dose of inspiration!

  • camorose

    True, but I’m the least patient person EVER–and like my mom always says, there are always good jobs for good people. Very excited to enjoy this vacation and then focus on making it work in NYC!

  • camorose

    Thank you for the encouragement, friend–it’s always a journey figuring out how to push yourself and also forgive yourself (I know you know the feeling!). Can’t wait to tell you about South America adventures!

  • camorose

    I’ve got my seasickness bracelet and dramamine ready!!!

  • camorose

    Thank you so much for reading and always having such positive comments–always makes my day πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    And I bet you just can’t wait to get back into that ultra deluxe swag! I must say, my trip on the Nullarbor totally taught me that I can push my limits of what I think I can handle and enjoy–i.e. 10 days with no phone or makeup–and that has been HUGE in figuring out what I love to do now. I still think of you when I’m rushing down the street with nowhere to be–sometimes, just need a moment to remember to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Have a FABULOUS season, can’t wait for the “can you believe what my group did this time” updates to begin again!

  • camorose

    Thank you! Really looking forward to a few days without the Internet–so necessary to remember what’s important!

  • camorose

    Thank you lady! It’s all about being able to give up a bit of control and putting it out there–the Universe always comes through πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    You’d love it! It’s the ultimate dose of inspiration πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    It’s funny how everything comes just when we need it–your eBook launch was PERFECT timing for me! Absolutely loved the book and SO grateful for you taking the time to write me back and give me an extra dose of encouragement. Lots of love from Panama City xo

  • camorose

    My friend has been raving about the ceviche–definitely think that’s what’s on board for dinner tonight! Can’t wait to explore πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    Thank you thank you!

  • camorose

    Thank you! Totes looking forward to it all πŸ™‚

  • Shireen

    how WONDERFUL! I was wondering how things in NYC had been going for you–it’s wonderful how it all worked out!! And one more trip to boot? Great job, girl. You’ve inspired me to also take a breath, truly envision what it is I want to do, and wait for those things to come my way rather than trying desperately to find them on my own. Sometimes things are worth the wait–as you have so aptly proven! Congrats again

  • Enjoy your time unplugged from the world! I love hearing about NYC and can’t wait to follow your big apple adventure.

  • Liz

    I think a great way to settle into your new city would be to do what a tourist might do… Book a guided tour! Family In New York offers private custom New York tours! They specialize in tours that take you off the beaten path! They can create a tour that will take you behind the scenes of your new home!

  • camorose

    Thanks for the love, Shireen! You should totes read that eBook, think you might love it–super quick but super inspiring! Enjoying Central America but looking forward to being back in NYC πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    There will be PLENTY of that coming up, don’t worry πŸ™‚

  • camorose

    I’ve been doing lots and lots of “touristy stuff” in NYC and it’s been awesome–SO much to see and do πŸ™‚

  • Yay congrats Christine! I wonder when the day will be when I too find a job after this RTW thing is over.. Maybe I can squeeze in a vacation too. =)

  • camorose

    Definitely think that taking a VACATION before starting a new job was the best choice–total relaxation and now ready for some routine!

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