Capture the Season: Australia edition

Capture the Season: Australia edition

As temperatures cool and days lazily stretch into fall in the Northern Hemisphere, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for Australia. Springtime in Melbourne was my favorite part of the year: Spring Racing Carnival, afternoons at the Botanic Gardens or the beach, sunrise runs along St Kilda Beach.

St Kilda Beach on a sunny day in Melbourne, Australia

As much as I’m enjoying the reprieve from the humidity and looking forward to donning ankle boots and cute scarves again, I know that winter follows fall. And the thought of an actual winter–not a California winter or an Australian winter, where you just need to throw a jacket on and perhaps a knit scarf if it’s feeling reallllly chilly–is terrifying. No wonder I’m missing the days when September meant it was almost beach weather again…

So for my entry into the Capture The Season promotion, I decided to go back through my Australia photos (insert total wistfulness here) and find my seasonal favorites:

Autumn leaves falling in Melbourne, Australia for "Capture the Season"

I realize it is autumn/fall when…

All I want to do is jump on a pile of leaves and drink a mug of mulled wine. Ankle boots, knit scarves, deep-hued sweaters, tights start sneaking their way into my wardrobe. As Bill Bryson said: “those sumptuous days when the world is full of autumn muskiness and tangy, crisp perfection: vivid blue skies, deep green fields, leaves in a thousand luminous hues.”

Winter day in the State Library of Victoria for "Capture the Season"

I realize it is winter when…

I’d rather spend the day curled up in the library or in a coffee shop than outside. I’m drinking red wine by the fireplace and snuggling up with a mug of hot chocolate.  AFL season is in full swing–and the best place to be is drinking a beer and eating a pie in a crowded pub.

Spring flowers blooming in Hobart, Tasmania in Australia for "Capture the Season"

I realize it is spring when…

Flowers start blooming, and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is officially the prettiest place to be. I spot my first tulip. All I want to do is sit outside and read in a park. The first time I eat lunch on a terrace and sip a glass of white wine. The horse races begin, and the hunt for the perfect dress and fascinator starts. Pedicures start becoming a necessity.

Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia in summer for "Capture the Season"

I realize it is summer when…

The only place I want to be is a beach. My uniform becomes a sundress and sandals. I spend my days outside–at the pool, at a park, at the beach–and only work when the sun isn’t out. I always have sunscreen in my bag. Picnics and day drinking officially make it on the agenda.

This is my entry in Booked.net‘s “Capture the Season”. I nominate the following bloggers to take part:


  • That picture of Bronte Beach is making me want to go to Australia like nobody’s business.

  • Awesome shots, oh how I miss Oz on a daily basis!

  • Great photos, Christine! Thanks for the nomination – my 2nd for this competition 🙂 I’m excited to put out my post in a few days!

  • camorose

    Ahhhh yes! One of my favorite places in the world 🙂

  • camorose

    ME TOO! Especially now that summer is coming 🙂

  • camorose

    Yay can’t wait to see it!

  • Awesome photos, Christine – I especially love the one with the flowers!

    And thanks for the nomination – I’ll have to sift through my photos and pick some good ones!

  • camorose

    That was one of my favorite quiet moments in Hobart–absolutely beautiful on the cusp of spring. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  • Making me miss Australia..

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  • I love that winter shot! I don’t think I’ll ever fully wrap my head around the opposite seasons in Australia though — April will always mean spring to me, not fall 🙂 Thanks for the nom, too!

  • camorose

    Tell me about it!

  • camorose

    Haha I know–I have such a hard time speaking to Aussies about the seasons, because it never means the same time of year!