Getting sucked into the Sedona energy vortex

Getting sucked into the Sedona energy vortex

There’s something about Sedona that pulls you in: the stunning red rocks, the brilliant entrance via a twisting canyon road, the vortexes that local New Age fanatics swear by.

Cloudy skies over the Sedona red rocks in Arizona, USA

It’s not just the local hippies who are infected with the Sedona energy; Native American tribes have long insisted Sedona has spiritual importance. I’m not sure if I felt any remarkable energy infusions; however, I do know that the physical beauty and serenity of Sedona is incredibly refreshing. This was my second trip to Sedona, and I certainly can’t imagine it will be my last: it does seem to revive you from the blasé attitude of many hours spent in a car.

Off-roading in the rain with Safari Jeep Tours in Sedona, Arizona, USA

Go off-roading: We signed up for sunset views of Sedona from high on the rim of the red rocks; instead, we drove through a thunderstorm. Literally. We drove through the clouds, were absolutely soaked from the rain, watched lightning strike across the sky and hear thunder rumble as though it was right next to us. Even though monsoon season dampened our plans, it was still an incredible experience: we might not have had sweeping views of Sedona, but we saw waterfalls and rivers suddenly appear in the usually red, dry landscape. Chad, our guide with Safari Jeep Tours, was absolutely excellent: he continually provided us with interesting facts about all facets of life and history in Sedona while also managing not to wreck the Jeep.

Prickly pear margarita at El Rincon Mexican Restaurant in Sedona, Arizona, USA

Try a prickly pear: My personal favorite way to enjoy this cactus fruit? In a margarita at El Rincon Mexican Restaurant. The subtle flavor is the perfect accompaniment to a Mexican meal with a Navajo flair.

Chapel of the Holy Cross in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, USA

Go to church: Built into the red rocks (and supposedly on top of a vortex), the Chapel of the Holy Cross is an effortless example of beautiful, modern architecture that blends with its surroundings. The Roman Catholic church is as much of a tourist destination as a place of worship, offering stunning views over the Coconino National Forest and a place of restful peace.

Blue skies over Sedona red rocks from the Airport lookout in Arizona, USA

Head up to the airport: Located on a high mesa overlooking the city, the airport is worth a visit even if you’re traveling in and out of the city by land. The views are simply incredible–particularly when the clouds ease and the sun shines–and there are a few places to hike, so wear comfortable shoes! It’s also the location of a vortex said to strengthen masculinity.

 What’s your favorite thing to do in Sedona? 

Note: the Sedona Chamber of Commerce kindly arranged a complimentary meal at El Rincon and a complimentary Safari Jeep Tour; however, all opinions are my own. 

  • How amazing is the airport lookout?

    But my favorite thing to do in Sedona? Definitely chilling out at Slide Rock State Park! My sister and I had so much fun there last summer.

  • Lived in beautiful Sedona after graduating from N.A.U. and then again in 1972-74. Wonder what happened to the Oak Creek Owl Restuarant and the Community Theatre group headed by Earl Sennett–nephew of the great Max Sennett. Miss you dear Sedona.

  • camorose

    We had such bad rain while we were there–no Slide Rock park for us, unfortunately! Had really been looking forward to it after seeing your posts.

  • camorose

    What lovely memories!

  • That photo of the church perched in the rocks is amazing! Wow what a place

  • Kristina

    wow! looks like an amazing place! and the view from the airport! i am speechless 🙂

  • camorose

    Such a gorgeous space–so much incredible energy there.

  • camorose

    The airport was absolutely gorgeous–and the one time that the clouds actually cleared up for us! So beautiful.

  • Mr. Sedona

    Just ran up to Airport Mesa yesterday for sunrise, and it is every bit as grear as you say. You’ve given an excellent description, and great pics too! Consider hitting the more than 100 trails that no jeep tour can get you to on your next visit. You’ll have a better chance to feel Sedona’s energy beyond the busy 89A/179 corridors. See you in Sedona!

  • camorose

    Oh my gosh that would be BEST way to start the day! A sunrise run is a must next time I visit 🙂

  • David Fraiser

    The Oak Creek Owl closed, and was taken over by an art gallery. 🙁

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