May 2012

Playing the dating-while-traveling game

In the beginning, travel blogging is sexy. I tell guys I’m a freelance writer who speaks French, traveled through Asia by myself, lived in Australia and they’ll buy drinks just to listen to the stories. I’m deliberately vague about my future plans. It ups the “hard-to-get” factor, increases the speed of the chase: without the […]

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Postcard from Central Highlands

The world is full of beautiful places, but Southeast Asia seems to have a monopoly on unspoiled landscapes. I’ve been awestruck by the jutting limestone cliffs of Railay, the sweeping white beaches and leaning palms of Phu Quoc, the stunning sunsets on Gili Trawangan. But the Central Highlands in Vietnam was overwhelming: from floating villages […]

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Stagecoach 2012: cowboys, boots and beers

Despite growing up by a decidedly un-redneck family in the suburbs, I was raised on country music. Now my iTunes library is fairly eclectic with plenty of indie music, pop hits and underground hiphop, but it still has its share of classic and new country. I love the stories country music tells, and the focus […]

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