Houses of Hoi An

Houses of Hoi An

I grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento, a city that was named the most diverse city in the United States by Time Magazine in 2002. The cookie-cutter houses are painted mostly neutral colors, with closely cropped lawns, blooming roses, minivans in the driveway. Every so often, however, a house is painted bright turquoise, neon blue, golden yellow–a move that irks nearby homeowners, leaving them muttering about bringing down the value of the neighborhood.

Turquoise and yellow house with balcony in Hoi An, Vietnam

Often, the neon-leaning homeowners are Asian–and after visiting Vietnam, a country where stunning turquoise homes blend seamlessly into the blue- and green-hued highlands and sunshine-yellow shutters dot the colorful streets of Saigon, I can understand their desire to bring a bit of home with them. Wandering through Hoi An, I fell in love with the French-influenced architecture in tropical tones.

Yellow house with tile roof in Hoi An, Vietnam


Turquoise house with wooden door and tile roof in Hoi An, Vietnam

Clothesline hanging on a balcony in Hoi An, Vietnam

Blue door and cream column in Hoi An, Vietnam

Yellow and white house reflected in water in Hoi An, Vietnam

Turquoise paint and blue shutter on house in Hoi An, Vietnam

What’s your favorite house in Hoi An?

  • That’s why I love architecture outside N.A. – most houses in Portugal, Spain, Argentina, and Hoi An, apparently, are colorful, and it’s so much fun!

  • I love how colorful it is, and the combo of the last 4 photos!

  • I love brightly colored houses! It was one of my favorite things about Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, and one of the biggest surprises when my husband and I were strolling the streets of Charleston, SC on our honeymoon. I love the pops of color they can give a city!

  • I LOVE those colors!!!! Life is too short to live in a boring colored house haha.

  • Fourth from the bottom is gorgeous–but I have a special place in my heart for all things aqua, so I might be biased! 🙂

  • Hoi An was my favourite place in Vietnam – I fell in love with its history and beautiful buildings instantly.

  • camorose

    Agreed! There’s a bit of this spirit with the Painted Ladies in SF, but not nearly as bold or widespread!

  • camorose

    Thanks! Such a fun place to wander around 🙂

  • camorose

    I always life is too short for a black bikini, but I think I agree with your statement too!

  • camorose

    It’s my favorite color! I was in heaven in Hoi An!

  • camorose

    I really loved Phu Quoc, but Hoi An was definitely one of my favorites–and the food! So delicious!

  • Such a wonderful place. Loved it there!

  • camorose

    One of my faves!

  • Hoi An was so chilled out for us. It was great break from the hustle and bustle from big Vietnam cities. The yellow houses in old town gave a cool vintage feel to the area most definitely.

  • camorose

    So true–it’s a nice way to be in a city but not be terrified for your life every time you cross the street 🙂

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