Postcard from Tonsai

Postcard from Tonsai

If Railay is paradise for outdoor adventurers in Thailand, then Tonsai is heaven for their dreadlocked younger brothers.

Cat with green eyes in jungle of Tonsai, Railay, Thailand

It’s the major budget alternative to the resorts lining Railay East and Railay West, with very basic bungalows reaching from the beachfront deep into the jungle. Dotted with coffee bars and rife with the sweet smell of weed, the paths are green with trees, painted marijuana leaves and Rastafarian flags. Only a 30-minute hike from Railay or a short longtail boat ride, there are still plenty of climbing routes available and the beach is almost deserted.

Garden growing  in a truck, Tonsai, Railay, Thailand

Bob Marley party and Rastafarian flags in Tonsai, Railay, Thailand

Tonsai Beach, Railay, Thailand at dusk

World map signs in Tonsai Beach, Railay, Thailand

Bob Marley bar and Rastafarian flags in Tonsai, Railay, Thailand

Rock climber on limestone cliffs in Tonsai, Railay, Thailand

Can you spot the rock climber?

Tree stump in jungle of Tonsai, Railay, Thailand

If you arrive via boat from Phi-Phi, make sure to hop off on the left side of the boat and head directly to Tonsai: it’d be a rough and sweaty scramble over the cliffs with all your bags.

  • It’s SO green! Love it!!!

  • There seem to be a few places in Thailand where Bob Marley never died, and this looks like one of them.  I love them … always so relaxed, and very different to the mega resorts and tourism of places like Phuket.  Wonderful photos too, as always!

  • camorose

    It was faaaaaabulous, so green and lush!

  • camorose

    Yes—it’s SUCH a different vibe and I love it!