February 2012

An Aboriginal experience in Western Australia

Aboriginals in Australia tend to be a touchy subject. (I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying it is). The relationship between white Australians and indigenous Australians is not always easy going. And despite the incredible longevity of Aboriginal culture—it’s as if a French man could walk into the caves […]

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Postcard from the Great Australian Bight

Before we rocked up to the dramatic vertical cliffs dropping straight into the ocean, I had never heard of the Great Australian Bight. I didn’t even know what a bight was. To be honest, I still don’t.  (Although I did decide it would be responsible to look it up for all of my potentially curious […]

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Five non-wine things to do in Margaret River

Sure, the wine is the main reason most people go to Margaret River. But it is fully possible to have a brilliant time in this adorable seaside town south of Perth without stepping foot in a vineyard. If you do want to go wine tasting, give yourself at least two full days—or make sure you […]

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