January 2012

Postcard from Koonalda Homestead

The Koonalda Homestead is an eerie place, a wide stretch of empty land suddenly littered with cars that sputtered to a stop in the middle of the Nullarbor in the 1950s. Originally a sheep shearing station, the Gurney family also established a fuel and rest stop for weary Nullarbor travellers from the 1950s into the […]

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#8: Seeing Australian wildlife in the wild

Forget the Sydney Opera House. Does Australia get any more iconic than kangaroos on the beach? One of the items on my Australia bucket list was to spot some kangaroos and koala bears–in other words, get up close and personal with Australian wildlife. Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t many kangaroos hopping around Australia’s major cities. But then […]

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Nullarbor Traveller: where the journey IS the experience

In 10 days, I swam with sea lions and dolphins, climbed a 52-meter tree, sunbathed with kangaroos on whiter-than-snow sand beaches, crossed the longest straight road in Australia and drove more than 3,000 kilometers (or 1,800 miles). I fell asleep spotting shooting stars and listening to the waves crash against the beach and woke up to […]

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