Postcard from Rottnest Island

Postcard from Rottnest Island

It’s hard to believe that the paradise-like Rottnest Island was once an Aboriginal prison, an internment camp and a military fortress. However, some forward-thinking tourism official saw the light and the island was turned into an A-class nature reserve and holiday destination in 1917.

Bikes and yachts on Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

With no cars or pets allowed, Rottnest Island is overrun with bicycles and yachts, quokkas and peacocks. The island is dotted with crystal-clear bays for snorkeling and sloped with hills for hiking. You can often spot humpback whales migrating or bottlenose dolphins leaping through the surrounding ocean. In short, it’s bliss for a beach bum.

While it’s a doable day trip–a two-hour ferry trip from the Perth city centre–there are plenty of accommodation options available (the island can sleep up to 2,850), including campsites, hostels and self-contained cabins. The island is also home to one grocery store, one cemetery, a few cafes, a mini golf course and endless snorkeling coves and suntanning rocks.

Heaven on earth Salmon Bay, Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

Clear water, Salmon Bay, Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

Yacht reflected in window, Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

Quokka at Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

A quokka is a marsupial like a kangaroo: it has thrived on Rottnest Island because no mainland predators have ever been introduced. Super cute!

Peacock on Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

Peacock strutting past the cafe…no big deal.

Yachts on Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia

Island hopping was #5 on the Australia bucket list

  • Rottnest Island looks gorgeous. Reminds me of Norfolk Island, another former prison isle  (where conditions were so horrible prisoners sought execution as a way to end their suffering). Hard to imagine all these Australian beauty spots as former hell holes, isn’t it?

  • amazing work with the lenses…. these are picturesque shots…

  • Rob

    I’ve spent a bit of time in Perth and I wish I’d had a full day on Rotto. All I managed was a bit of scuba diving.

  • Anonymous

    So crazy! I can’t imagine getting ANY work done when surrounded by such beauty..but I suppose they didn’t have a choice. Eek!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Glad you liked them!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely wish I would have been able to spend the night–would love to have relaxed a bit more!

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  • 100% on my must-see list.

  • Maggie High

    Peacocks! So awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Try to spend the night! A day seriously wasn’t enough 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So random–we were eating lunch, and it was just like, oh! a peacock! Super cool 🙂

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