Spotlight on Malaysian seafood specialities

Spotlight on Malaysian seafood specialities

I’ve come along way from my fish-fearing childhood, a time when I threw a fit whenever trout or salmon was announced as that night’s healthy main course. I’ve even progressed from my teenage years, where I reveled in my grown-up-ness while ordering prawns or calamari at restaurants–as long it was deep-fried and accompanied with fries.

Seafood Laksa, Pan Asian, Prahran, Mebourne, AustraliaNow I actually really like seafood–particularly when it’s artfully cooked and spiced to draw out its natural flavor. The wide array of seafood dishes in Malaysian cuisine has been something that I’ve enjoyed testing as part of the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador Program. Enormous prawns, juicy scallops, spicy laksa–even dried fish–have all been the stand-outs of Malaysian cuisine.

Scallops at Chinta Ria Soul in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

This was the first time I dared to try scallops, and I absolutely loved them.

Prawns in curry leaves at Chinta Ria Soul, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Chili prawns were the perfect amount of spice, and the sauce was divine soaked in white rice or mopped up with a piece of roti.

Prawns in curry leaves at Chinta Ria Soul, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Prawns in a blend of curry leaves, fresh chilli and lemongrass were a bit of Asian Indian flavour on my palate: delicious!

Fried calamari, Chinta Blues, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Calamari: who said I had to stop loving dee-fried seafood?

Dried fish, Chinta Blues, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia  Dried fish: a wonderfully addictive starter, as long as you love salty.

Need a bit of an introduction to Malaysian cuisine

While Malaysia Kitchen may have paid for my meals, all opinions and photos are completely my own. 

  • This food looks awesome and I just discovered your blog… love it!!! I look forward to reading more!

  • Anonymous

    Aww glad you found it! All of it was really good–I’m loving Malaysian food, particularly the prawns 🙂

  • Can’t wait to try some of these, I love seafood and have desperately missed scallops while in Italy (possibly because I didn’t know the translation but I honestly don’t think they exist in Italy!). What is your favorite restaurant you have visited so far? Any must-try ones in Sydney?

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    wow what a delicious food of malasiya i love it

  • Anonymous

    I loved Mamak in Sydney, and that’s even Malaysian! Other Sydney loves: Bourke Street Bakery, Universal for a BIG splurge…hmmm…I have so many more tips for Melbs!

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