Postcard from Rugby World Cup

Postcard from Rugby World Cup

When I found out the Rugby World Cup was in Wellington (a mere three-hour flight away from Melbourne) and that a sorority friend from university was living in Wellington at the moment, I just couldn’t resist a weekend away. My first national sporting event didn’t disappoint: our rallying cry quickly became that we may not have won the game…but we definitely won the after-party.

California girl USA Rugby fans before USA vs Australia, Rugby World Cup 2011
New Zealand hadn’t been too high up on my must-travel list, even though I’m constantly in awe of the photos I see of travelers and expats of both the North and South Island. Even though I don’t necessarily need all-inclusive ski holidays for families during the winter, I had still considered hopping over to New Zealand this winter to practice my snowboarding, but decided to focus on saving up and traveling through Australia instead. I’m so glad that I decided to suffer through customs and jet lag and waking up at 2am to make it to work in Melbourne at Monday: I absolutely fell in love with Wellington, the All-Blacks, Rugby Union and New Zealand.

Rugby World Cup photos on the Wellington waterfront, New Zealand

The gorgeous Wellington waterfront was lined with iconic rugby photos. I also checked out Hard on the Heels: Peter Bush Capturing the All-Blacks: a wonderful exhibit by a truly talented sports photographer.

Beyond the Black street art in Wellington, New Zealand

The All-Blacks were certainly the toast of the town: going to the bar to watch the All-Blacks battle Les Bleus was just as awesome as seeing the USA versus Australia game in person.

Three California girl USA rugby fans at Rugby World Cup, New Zealand 2011
Red, white and blue: Americans who travel!

Inside the Chicago Bar in Wellington, New Zealand before USA Rugby World Cup

The preparty at the Chicago Bar on the Wellington waterfront was full of red, white and blue: one of the friendliest and most positive atmospheres I’ve ever discovered in a bar!

Kid breakdancing before the Rugby World Cup, Wellington, New Zealand

A kid breakdances to a marching band outside the stadium: brilliant!

USA vs Australia Rugby World Cup match at Wellington, New Zealand

Our view from inside the stadium: I was lucky enough to have a Rugby Union player provide a running commentary on what the heck was going on. Among the many things I learned, I found out that the higher the seat is in rugby, the better it is to allow you to see plays unfold on the field below.

Like I said, the USA may have lost the game, but the camaraderie before, during and after the USA versus Australia game was unreal. There were plenty of Kiwis sporting red, white and blue–anyone but Australia!–and they were incredibly hospitable. I’ve never been more proud to be an American down under!

  • I just moved to Wellington last week and the whole city has been nothing but lively! That USA vs. Australia game was quite a scene though. Let’s just call it a rough patch!

  • Anonymous

    It’s such a fun little city, I can’t wait to go back! Enjoy!

  • Looks like a lot of fun!

    I’m not a rugby fan (rugby league is my sport of choice) but I do love the festival atmosphere and pageantry of a World Cup. Really wish I’d had a chance to get across to NZ to catch a game or two. Especially one involving a ‘minnow’ nation such as Japan or the US.

    And while I did visit NZ last year, Wellington’s the one major city I missed. Feeling like I should have included it on my itinerary now :-p

  • Anonymous

    This was the first rugby union game that I’d been to, and I absolutely loved it (although I’m definitely still sticking to AFL!). I think I just loved the atmosphere of the whole thing–it my first national sporting event and that was just awesome!
    And definitely get back to Wellington–coolest little capital!

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  • Kecin

    That’s great,if I could go there !