Postcard from Melbourne Open House

Postcard from Melbourne Open House

If there’s one thing I love about Melbourne, it’s that there is always something on. Last weekend, it was Melbourne Open House, a celebration of architecture in the cultural capital of Australia. 75 buildings opened up for the public to explore: beautiful churches, sustainable rooftop gardens, historic state buildings.

Dome in Victoria State Library in Melbourne, Australia

The State Library of Victoria: it’s in the opening scene of the fabulous Play Melbourne tourism commercial, and I reckon it might just be the best place to curl up with a book on a rainy day in the whole city.

The Melbourne Athenaeum Library: private library and reading room

It might not have the grandeur of the State Library, but this independent library is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Collins Street.

Entry at Victoria University Law School, Melbourne, Australia

The entry at the Victoria Law School: built in the early 20th century, it borrowed from all types of popular European architecture of the time: a bit of French this, a bit of Italian that.

Origin's Balcony Garden, Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, Australia

Not a bad place for the employees of Origin to relax: this rooftop balcony features an area for yoga, a barbecue and outdoor lounge seating. The garden is sensitive, sustainable and draught-friendly.

Scots' Church, Melbourne CBD, Australia

The Scots’ Church in Melbourne: the first Presbyterian church in Victoria.

Collins Street Baptist Church, Melbourne CBD, Australia

Constructed in 1863, the Collins Street Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist place of worship in Australia still used for its original purpose.

View from Melbourne Town Hall balcony, Australia

The view from the balcony of Melbourne Town Hall: where the Queen has once stood!

Beautiful roof stained glass in Melbourne Town Hall, Australia

The gorgeous ceiling in the chambers of the Melbourne Town Hall.

Public Records Office in Melbourne CBD, Australia

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  • So cool – I have read about the Open House Project on several occasions already!! Will make sure that I will go next year – as I am moving to Melbourne in November, should be no problem 🙂
    The library and the rooftop garden are lovely!!

  • Caroline Eubanks

    Those Play Melbourne commercials totally work on me. I saw one before seeing The Hangover 2 and decided I need to go back! I love the library pic. I need to check out the Customs House Library in Sydney since I’m right next to it practically every day.

  • I LOVED the state Library of Victoria. Being broke, hot and had nothing to do with no computer, it was my first and last stop pretty much every single day I lived in town.

  • Maggie High

    Such a beautiful building! I love libraries. They are so calming and full of knowledge just waiting to be learned.

  • That’s such a neat event! Toronto did the same thing earlier this summer and opened up their doors to a lot of the city’s historic events free of charge. Sadly, I missed it!

  • My favorite is the rooftop balcony wish my employer had something similar to that photo.  Melbourne Open house seems like a wonderful event and the library is another place i would visit.

  • Anonymous

    My mom actually saw it in the Wall Street Journal in May and told me about it–it’s definitely had some great publicity! Totally worth it, just for the chance to see the private buildings you would never get to go into otherwise 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Right?! I saw one when I was up in Sydney, and my first thought was–I want to go to Melbourne! Was super excited when I recognized one of the bars I’ve been to–but I still need to check the rest of the locales featured off the list 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wish I lived closer! That is the perfect working/reading spot in Melbs–especially when it’s chilly outside 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It was absolutely gorgeous–I’m so jealous of all the university students who get to study in such a beautiful location every day. My university library was nothing like that!

  • Anonymous

    How cool! I’ve never heard of it in any other cities–it’s a great chance for people to explore their cities, particularly the awesome architecture that isn’t open for tourists normally.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely worth a visit!

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