#1: Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

#1: Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The last weekend I was in Sydney, the sun was shining and I had an afternoon to myself with nothing to do. I strapped on my walking shoes–OK, I tossed on a pair of flipflops and my sunglasses–and trekked from Paddington to the CBD to the Rocks, and finally, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge in order to cross #1 off my Australia bucket list.

View of the Sydney CBD from the Harbour Bridge, Australia

Despite choosing to live in Melbourne, I’ve been popping up to Sydney fairly often. Every time I do, I’m shocked at the city’s physical beauty. No wonder Sydney-siders get characterized as being superficial: after being surrounded by brilliant blues and greens, the glittering white of the Opera House and the sparkling skyline, it’d be tough to be impressed anywhere else. Nowhere did I realize this more than as I wandered across the Harbour Bridge: the commute, the destination, the daily grind is certainly a bit brighter in Sydney.
View of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a sunny day, Australia

Starting across the bridge: the noise of freeway traffic is a bit unnerving. The length of the bridge is 1,149 meters (about 3/4 of a mile), making it a popular scenic walk and run. Connecting the CBD and the North Shore, it’s the world’s largest wide-span bridge.

View of the Sydney CBD downtown from Harbour Bridge, Australia

Looking back at the CBD, it’s not hard to see why Sydney-siders love their city.

View of the Opera House from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

While the view might be slightly obstructed along the walk, it’s hard to miss the city’s icons.

View from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia


View of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia on a sunny day

Love the angles

View looking back on Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

The view from the other side of the city.

Have you walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge? What’s your favorite bridge to walk across? 

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  • The Golden Gate bridge, in San Francisco,  is fun to walk across.  In Vancouver BC I walk across many bridges, Cambi street and Granville street but my favourite is the Burrard st bridge.  It has the best views. 

  • Gorgeous! I love it!

  • Katherina

    Is this the famous climb on Sydney’s Bridge? At the time I stayed in the city, I wanted to join one of those climbs, but they were quite expensive. I regret it, a bit! Specially seeing the views from the top!

  • I’m actually a bit afraid of bridges, due to my fear of large bodies of water, but climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is on my bucket list. It must be even more beautiful at night.

  • Um…what does it say about me that the first thing I noticed was the curved fencing and barbed wire to keep people from committing suicide by throwing themselves off the bridge??? At least, I assume that’s why that is there. Otherwise, stunning views!

  • Anonymous

    Despite growing up just a few hours from San Francisco, don’t think I’ve walked across the Golden Gate in my adult life! First on my list when I get home 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! It was an amazing day!

  • Anonymous

    Nope–I just walked across! Still would love to do the Bridge Climb, but it’s not quite in my budget at the moment. A gorgeous view, nonetheless!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard the best time to do BridgeClimb is at dusk so you get to see it at both day and night–a bit more expensive, but if you’re already doing it–might as well do it right!

  • Anonymous

    Haha my optimistic self just thought–that’s to keep us daring runners/walkers from getting blown in from the wind! (It was quite a windy day!)

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous photos!! I most recently walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time which I loved – though in truth, a large part of it was under construction and rightfully so – it felt downright unsafe in certain sections! 

    You’re giving me serious Australia envy, Christine….

  • I did not walk across it when I visited Sydney, but I did think about going on a tour that allows you to climb it. Did you ever consider climbing it also?

  • Beautiful photos! I’ve only ever driven across the bridge…other than being free, on the plus side of walking across you don’t have to wear the lovely grey jumpsuits on the ‘official bridge climb’!  

  • I really love this bridge and also love that you have an Australia bucket list! Do you have them for other countries too, or just OZ?!

  • Anonymous

    It was such a gorgeous day in Sydney–I’m loving that this is their winter! And don’t worry, I still have Paris envy ALL. THE. TIME. Last night, I opened up a package of goat cheese for a salad…and got all teary-eyed wishing I still lived in a place where cheese plates after dinner were necessary! Love sitting and chatting over cheese plates–so don’t worry, I’ll be back in your hood soon enough!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to do the Bridge Climb, but it’s fairly pricey–and had heard that you could still have great views just walking across! Haven’t decided yet if I’m going to spring for the Bridge Climb at some point 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Exactly! It’s worth a walk–gorgeous views, as you can see!

  • Anonymous

    Created one for Australia when I came down here–the only problem is that being here, I’ve discovered SO much more to add to it 🙂

  • Rebecca Several

    I loved walking across the bridge and did it whenever I had a few hours to kill. And the views and colours are different every time!!! You can never take enough pictures of the view from there:-).

  • Anonymous

    So true! I was super envious of the runners who passed me–what a great running route! So motivational!

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