Postcard of ice skating at Bondi Beach

Postcard of ice skating at Bondi Beach

Winter in Australia: it’s ice skating on a beach, curling up with a hot chocolate in front of a fake fire, wearing a beanie and gloves when you barely need a jacket. It might not snow in Sydney, but that doesn’t stop Australians from embracing the Hollywood vision of a winter wonderland.

Ice skating rink at Bondi Beach, Sydney in Australia


Growing up in California, I can’t be too judgmental–I’ve only ice skated on the fake rink that pops up in downtown Sacramento every year around Christmas, and I’m known to wear flip-flops all winter long. Even so, slipping on ice skates while listening to the waves crash and watching the colors light up the sunset sky over the surfers, I did smile to myself…only in Australia.

Ice skating rink at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia




Inside the winter festival tent at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia



Ice skating at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Sunset at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Ice skating at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia at night

Ice skating at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia at night

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  • It’s so funny to see the rink on the beach! Beautiful photos.

  • Erin Hoffman

    I saw the picture before I saw the title. Something about it was stark and out of context, but it wasn’t until I started reading before I put it together. Ice and sand…beauty in contrast, right?

  • These types of ice rinks are cropping up everywhere!  It does seem funny to be ice skating next to a beach though.

  • That’s awesome! I love the contrast of the beach and the ice rink. I’m not a big fan of ice skating though. It hurts my ankles! A couple winters ago a friend and I went to a rink in downtown Los Angeles. It was like 85 degrees and we were sweating our butts off. haha

  • Raquel

    That is SO crazy, beach next to an ice rink?! Do the locals ever get confused and have a ice volleyball game or beach hockey?

  • That is so cool!!! Talk about an epic scene for ice skating!

  • Wish I was back in Bondi for this! We had one of these in Queenstown center for the Kiwi version of Mardi Gras (doesn’t compare)…but there is also snow on the ground. Ice skating on the beach? Now that’s an experience.

  • Looks like fun but if its anything like rollerskating I will have to pass.  I’ve busted my butt more than a few times enough to know it hurts and is embarrassing to fall and see a 4yr old go by laughing.

  • David Burlison

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you! It was such a surreal experience!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly! It’s such a gorgeous setting.

  • Anonymous

    This was the first time I’ve seen it on a beach! Definitely a fun winter-y feel, even in a non-winter city!

  • Anonymous

    How funny! It’s cold enough for the ones in Sacramento and San Francisco, but I didn’t realize they had rinks down south as well!

  • Anonymous

    Haha it was chilly enough that there weren’t too many people in bikinis! Was pretty awesome to watch the surfers before hopping onto the ice though 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Right?! As soon as I saw them setting it up a few weeks ago, I knew I HAD to do it!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved it! Very glad I was able to hop up to Sydney for the experience 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes! I’m not the best ice skater, but I could certainly hold my own in Australia–not many people grow up ice skating here!

  • I love these shots!! That looks amazing 🙂

  • That makes me feel a little better Camorose!  

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! It was a gorgeous drive!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! It was a gorgeous drive!

  • Chrizle2623

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  • Wolfi Richter

    hi folks – san diego has an ice skating rink at the beach too – directly near the coronado hotel. check this out!

    Crazy Wolfi from Germany – http://www.freshfantasy.de