Share the St Kilda view

Share the St Kilda view

Every day that I look out my window, I feel a little surge of glee. From my bed, I can spot palm trees, a roller coaster and the Port Phillip Bay (although I prefer to just think of it as the ocean). It feels like all my childhood dreams come true–especially since the waves in the bay are peacefully small and unlikely to sweep me out to seaView of Luna Park and the beach from my window in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

I’m really enjoying life in St Kilda–no doubt thanks to my excellent location. I’m just a few steps from the shops and cafes on Acland Street and the tram that quickly takes me into the city. Melbourne feels like this made-for-me combination of California cool and European style with an Aussie laid-back attitude. The foodie scene is ridiculous, and I read through my copy of Cheap Eats even while eating.

Melbourne feels like a good choice. And with waking up to that view every day, how can you blame me?

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  • Anonymous

    yay extreme!!!! so happy for you!

  • Wifeyofaroadie

    Hey There Christine! I’m really enjoying your blog and photos. I really liked the vibe there too! Have you ever been to this place in Melbourne? Here’s the link. http://www.wifeyofaroadie.com/grub/the-whats-its-name-restaurant-in-melbourne/

    Wifey of a Roadie- Out!

  • Hi Christine – I’ve been following along for a few months now and am loving your blog! If you are looking for Melbourne friends, my brother has lived there for 7 years and is always happy to meet new people! (Didn’t you write a post about random connections awhile back!) No pressure, but let me know if you want some contact deets!

  • So glad you like Melbourne! It is such a great city. We were discussing the possibility of maybe moving there ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Come visit! There’s a super comfy couch!

  • Anonymous

    After reading that, I’ll definitely have to try it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely–feel free to shoot me an email to christine.amorose@gmail.com. Always looking for new connections!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a really great city to live in–I think you two would love it!

  • St. Kilda sounds like an excellent combo. And a roller coaster right outside your window how cool is that!

  • Super jealous of your view and location… I love over by Melbourne Airport, not such a nice view there 🙁

  • And by love I clearly meant live.

  • Lindsey

    Ahh! I know exactly where you live! LOL 🙂
    My best friend used to live right down the road on the other side of where McDonald’s is at. Sometimes it is such a small world! I loved St. Kilda and we even saw dolphins right off the pier there. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  • Glad you’re enjoying St Kilda, it has great cafes and restaurants. Did you know that there are penguins that live in St Kilda pier? They swim in towards the pier in the evening. Best kept secret of St Kilda! http://bit.ly/gLFXYE

  • Anonymous

    It feels like my childhood dreams come true–before I grew up and realized I was terrified of roller coasters!

  • Anonymous

    St Kilda is definitely a great place–although after exploring the city, I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t choose to live there! There are so many amazing neighborhoods to explore in Melbourne!

  • Anonymous

    I have plenty of friends who live over by the Macca’s (yes, I can’t even bring myself to say McDonald’s anymore)! It seems like there is a big backpacker scene in St Kilda–so many people from all over the world doing working holidays here. It’s a great cultural mix 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My friend just told me about this today!!! I’m definitely going to check it out!!!

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