Postcard from Glebe

Postcard from Glebe

Once I booked my ticket to Sydney, I messaged an Australian girl who I had met on a bike tour in Munich a couple of years ago about grabbing a drink. In typical, full-on, Aussie friendliness, she first invited me on a trip to Thailand (that left the day after I arrived for two weeks)–and then offered me her room to stay in when she was gone when my wallet kindly declined.

View from Pyrmont Park, Glebe, Sydney, Australia of sailboat at duskSo instead of being packed in with the rest of the tourists in the CBD or the backpackers in Bondi, I’ve been able to explore Glebe for the past two weeks, an inner suburb that’s a 20-minute bus ride to the city. It’s filled with adorable coffee shops, secondhand bookstores and leafy parks. The houses certainly aren’t Keswick cottages, but the ironwrought terraces do have a certain charm. Evening runs along the harbor and yoga across from the Anzac Bridge have been the perfect way to end my activity-filled days.

Rowers under Anzac Bridge at dusk in Sydney, Australia

My favorite vantage point for post-run yoga and stretching.

Antique gate along Glebe Point Road in Sydney, Australia

The houses aren’t glamorous, but they’ve got character.

Playground at Pyrmont Point Park in Glebe, Sydney, Australia at dusk

Directly across the street from where I’ve been staying: the playground is usually filled with adorable Australian children in remarkably ugly school uniforms.

Street art outside Glebe Post Office, Glebe Point Road, Sydney, Australia

Walking down Glebe Point Road.Sappho Books on Glebe Point Road, Sydney, Australia

Sappho Books quickly became my favorite way to while an afternoon–or a Saturday morning, after checking out the funky-cool Glebe Markets across the street.

Sunset over Johnstons Bay, Glebe, Sydney, Australia

A beautiful sunset over Johnstons Bay.

Victoria Park in Glebe, Sydney, Australia

Victoria Park is at the opposite end of Glebe Point Road, but it’s a lovely place to soak up some sunshine.

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  • I love these pictures! Did you have a nice time with Megan?? I am so jealous….I want to go to Australia!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you like them–you would love Glebe! It actually has a bit of a Midtown feel to it, but with more hills! Megan was lovely, thanks again for the introduction. And yes, please come visit soon!!!

  • Great pictures. I love used book stores. That sunset shot is beautiful.

  • I am pretty positive that those bookstores are the ones that I searched for hours attempting to save some bucks on my school books (I didn’t). And Victoria Park is on the end of the University of Sydney Campus (right?) that was my school! Take a walk down King Street and visit the eclectic cafés and bars and stop by my favorite Irish Pub, Kelly’s. If you want to keep going you’ll pass my old street and run into the gigantic Sydney Park.

    Let me know if you get down that way exploring! Enjoy!

  • Wow, the pictures are beautiful. Not sure if I like more the bridge pic or the sunset! I love this corner… should note for next time I’m in the other side of the World 🙂

  • When in Sydney you have to head to the Northern Beaches, that is where I’m from! Beaches, upon beaches, upon beaches!
    There is a great hostel in Collaroy, right across the road from the beach and a little cafe attached to it too!

  • Anonymous

    I love the photos… nice article too!

  • Cailin

    I wish I had known you were staying in Glebe! One of my best aussie friends ever (who is also a fashion designer) lives there and he would’ve toured you around like crazy! Do you think you will be back to Sydney at some point? Have fun in Melb! 🙂
    I heard a comedian in SYD once say “Sydney and Melbourne are like twin sisters. But Sydney is all flashy and Melb is all artsy, so Syds the one you want to date but Melb is the one you really want to get to know. ” haha have fun!

  • Never even heard of Glebe but it looks like it should I should add it to the list of places in Australia I shouldn’t miss. Looks so lovely to spend a few days there!

  • I have never heard of Glebe either but after seeing your pictures it definitely looks like a great place to spend some time!

  • Lovely pix, especially like the water views. in my experience it is axiomatic that school children uniforms are god awful. A common thread threat in childhood from my parents was to send me to a private school that promised to wear fugly uniforms…terrifying thought!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I could spend hours getting lost in those bookstores!

  • Anonymous

    How funny, I saw Kelly’s Irish Pub when I was in the bus yesterday coming back from Coogee! What a small world 🙂 And yes, Glebe is super close to University of Sydney–it’s a bummer you didn’t get down Glebe Point Road–there are at least two used bookstores!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely–it’s a fun neighborhood to stay in to get out of the tourist craziness!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard great things about the Northern Beaches! Will definitely have to check it out next time I’m in Sydney!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them!

  • Anonymous

    Yup–I’ve heard that Sydney is the pretty one, but Melbourne is the one who had to work on her personality! I’ll definitely be back to Glebe at some point, so you’ll have to make some intros!

  • Anonymous

    It’s definitely a nice area to stay if you make it to Sydney! Highly recommend!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fabulous little place that’s off the beaten tourist path–great if you’re looking to get out of the CBD!

  • Anonymous

    Haha all the schools here seem to have uniforms–they’re just awful!

  • Gorgeous photos. I spent a few months living in Glebe and would love to go back. I loved all the quirky little shops, the book/coffee shops, and the little restaurants and the weekend market! Its amazing, so much great food and cool clothes.

  • It looks like a great place to live in, never went there when I was in Sydney but definitely have a look there next time!

  • Anonymous

    The weekend market was so cool–I totally regret not buying some of the stuff I found there! I definitely should have–such cute clothes and so unique!

  • Anonymous

    It’s worth a stroll–check out the Saturday markets!

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